Blog: Youth minister asks for labour export funds

Youth minister asks for labour export funds

By David Ssempijja

THE Government has been asked to create a special fund to facilitate labour export, a move expected to curb the existing high unemployment figures.

Seeing off the first batch of 40 youths destined to work as hoteliers in the United Arab Emirates, the managing director of a recruiting company, Uganda Veterans Development Ltd, (UVDL) Col. Chris Mudoola, said export companies in Uganda secure contracts but some of the trainees miss the jobs for lack of travel fares.

“We ask the Government to set up a special fund to lend money to these poor but suitable candidates such that after working for three months: The borrowed money is deducted from their salaries and paid back to the Government,” he appealed.

Candidates are supposed to pay their own travel expenses.

UVDL signed a deal for 500 Ugandans to work in different business establishments in Saudi Arabia, with the Abu Dhabi Fairmont Hotel offering 135 jobs in different sections.

He said employees will work under a three-year renewable contract, earning between $700 and $1,700 (about sh2.03m and sh4.93m), including medical care, insurance, overtime fees, accommodation and feeding.

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The state minister for youth and children, Ronald Kibuule, said the Government would continue working closely with labour export firms to ensure that more Ugandans find employment opportunities in other countries to grow remittances that can support the economy.

“Exporting more people will reduce the local dependency ratio currently standing at 1.1%.

“It will have a positive effect on the growth of remittances, currently the third biggest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product,” he said in a speech read by the commissioner for labour, Godfrey Kiberu.

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