Post: Youth Forum: Motivating and Empowering Uganda’s future

Youth Forum: Motivating and Empowering Uganda’s future

Motivating and Empowering Uganda’s future

We welcome you to the second Ugandan UK youth forum to run in conjunction with the Ugandan Convention on the 15th Sept 2012 at the Troxy Arena. As the Ugandan immigrant population ages, we need to prepare our youth to take over when most of us have gone back home; and, believe it or not, the country is enjoying $800 millions from the Diaspora now. The average age of active money remitters is 45years and within the next 10 years most of them will be retiring or have less energy to work, leading to less money remitted back home and less foreign deposits. So the time is now to prepare them not only as future leaders, business people but as Ugandans who can sustain or increase the flow of remittance to Uganda.


The purpose of this forum is to promote youth inclusion in shaping the future of Uganda and our Diaspora community and to initiate dialogue around issues and challenges in their communities. The Forum brings together a diversity of young voices: young women and men from various walks of life and tribal affiliations in the Diaspora. These will include partners and members Youth activists, young social entrepreneurs, youth bloggers, members of youth NGOs and other civil society organisations, youth with disability and Ugandan members of the UK military.


Through dialogue, we hope that young people will build an understanding of each others’ points of view, and in the process find common ground. We hope that the forum will be a catalyst for sustained youth dialogue and organising in the Diaspora, with committed and open engagement from youth. The forum will include performances, music, talks and discussions.


The forum’s main Objectives includes:


  1. To promote increased political participation and interest of young people in Uganda’s politics and democratic governance and develop concrete plans of action for increasing the role of young people in development processes, democracy and peace in Uganda;
  2. To promote widespread access to information and communication technology as a means for education, employment creation, interacting effectively with the world and building understanding, tolerance and appreciation of other youth cultures;
  3. To promote the  preservation and strengthen positive African morals, traditional values and cultures and foster the development of national and Ugandan identity and pride;
  4. To promote inter-cultural awareness by organising exchange programs between young people and youth organisations within and across the Diasporas, as well as participating in developmental activities in Uganda.
  5. To inculcate a sense of cultural identity, belonging, and commitment to the course of the socio-economic development of Uganda.

One of the guest speakers will be Hon. Gerald Byaruhanga, a youth Member of Parliament in Western Uganda.


The forum will discuss, among others;

  1. How to influence youth to be part of  a change
  2. Deliberate on how the youthfulness of the Diaspora could be an asset and an opportunity;
  3. Deliberate on challenges that the Diaspora youth face to fully contribute to the development of Uganda  and propose key recommendations for the consideration of the Ugandan government
  4. Citizens in action: youth in political and public life
  5. Countering youth exclusion, vulnerability and violence
  6. Empowering young people to improve the quality of life through the use of ICTs and the utilisation of social media (Facebook, twitter, BB, whatApp…) as a means of self empowerment, self advancement beyond a social platform.
  7. Support the use of new social media, particularly in terms of building networks and sharing best practices on youth participation in decision-making.
  8. Strengthen/build new strategic alliances and partnerships among youth networks within and outside the Diaspora.


The forum will be moderated by Ms. Katasi Kironde, Moses Mwanje among others;



Panel: 1

  • Moses Mwanje – SE1 United
  • Yahaya Kiyingi – London Liberal Youth Candidate
  • Solomon Mwebya, British Army
  • Florence Labwo, Memory Books
  • Audrey Wagaba, Time2Move
  • Melba Mwanje – SE1 United Founder



  • Barbara Kasumu, Elevator Networks
  • Hitul Thobani, Kidz4mation
  • Kironde Mpagi, ICT’s
  • Zack Lwanga , (SPAU)
  • Fraser Doherty, Super Jam
  • Phil Mugisha, Future Village Mugisha


Reserve Panelists:     Martin Lubugumu, Sports


This is a call to all Ugandan parents with youth to encourage them to attend the forum not only to experience how Ugandans network and debate business but also to learn about future prospects in Uganda. The Convention has reserved a special room for the forum where an after-party will treat the youth to a talent show and disco.


For more information contact the coordinators


Katasi Kironde


Irene Mutumba


Moses Mwanje



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