Post: Why invest in East Africa

Why invest in East Africa

Fifteen good reasons why you should choose East Africa as your investment destination:

  • Market access to more than 130 million people
  • Combined GDP size of about US$ 75 billion
  • The world’s fastest reforming region in terms of business regulation
  • Simplified investment procedures and one stop centre facility provided by national investment promotion agencies
  • Generous incentives offered
  • Vibrant and upcoming capital and securities market
  • High level of intra-regional trade and cross-border investments
  • Numerous investment opportunities traversing all sectors
  • Abundant labour force – educated, trained, mobile, skilled and enterprising
  • English is widely spoken; it is one of or the only official language in at least four of the five Partner States
  • Insurance against non-commercial risk by Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA)
  • Sanctity of private property guaranteed by national constitutions
  • Stable political environment and high level of governance and democracy
  • Consumer loyalty
  • A warm and hospitable people
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