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Why attend business event

Join UK's biggest Trade & Foreign Direct Investment Summit on UK to Uganda!

There are loads of reasons why you should attend Uganda-UK Convention 2019 this year. Here, we’ve assembled a list of reasons why you can’t afford to miss a show that – under one roof – will connect you with the entire business community looking to expand to Uganda (East Africa).

Uganda-UK Convention is the hub for businesses that are looking to expand to Uganda, export products or set up overseas operations. If you’re looking to take your business into one of Africa’s fastest growing economies “Uganda”, cultures and climates, this is the only show you’ll need to attend.

There are only so many ways you can market a product to the world. Chances are you’ve already identified your ideal audience or audiences for your products. Uganda Convention will provide guidance on succeeding overseas and house all the suppliers and tools needed to open up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for your business; enabling you to reach new markets in Uganda.

Uganda-UK Convention provides a strong focus on the event will cover 10 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, FinTech, tourism and natural resources sectors to give you guidance on entering Ugandan market, and increasing your business revenue exponentially.

We’re always learning! Learning about a product, service, industry, profession, market segment, trend, process – the list goes on. Network with high calibre visitors and learn how to make your business bloom in the world’s most competitive markets.

Uganda-UK Convention expert insight from an impressive programme of sessions. The finest line-up of speakers. Doing Business in Uganda – the challenges, common practices, risks and potential rewards of being a multinational enterprise operating in Uganda.  

Ever wanted to have a chat with one of your industry’s big players? Uganda-UK Convention is a one-time opportunity to have 1-2-1 meetings with experts, government officials, Uganda Investment Authority, like-minded business owners and tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get hold of. And, learn about what are the major hurdles faced by UK exporters when looking to conduct business.

How can British exporters successfully tap into the economic and related infrastructure boom in Uganda/East Africa?

That’s right, tickets for the event are completely free (but in limited supply!). Uganda-UK Convention is every business’s starter-pack when it comes to expanding to Uganda; so, it’s no surprise that these tickets are so highly sought-after in the industry.

The top six reasons

to export to Uganda include:

Growing Free Market Economy:

Uganda has averaged 4.7 percent GDP growth over the past five years, and projected to average six percent growth over the next two years.

Dynamic Agricultural Market:

Uganda has abundant fertile land, favorable weather, and bimodal production throughout most of the country.

Emerging Oil Industry:

Uganda has an estimated 1.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil, and the government projects oil production will begin in approximately 2023.

EAC Customs Union:

Uganda’s membership to the EAC Customs Union enables duty free exports to the 160 million-person EAC market, as well as duty free exports of a wide range of goods to the United States via the AGOA and the Generalized System of Preferences.

Substantial and Rapidly Growing Consumer Market:

Uganda’s population of 43 million people is growing at a rate of three percent per year, with half of the population under the age of 15.

Ready labour force

An English-speaking and rapidly growing consumer demographic, with a 3 percent population growth rate and a 5 percent urbanization rate.

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Packed with expert advice, world leading knowledgeable speakers, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Convention stands as the most important summit for businesses and organisations s looking to set up overseas operations in Uganda.


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Latest News

Universal M. Enterprises’ Vision for Affordable Housing in Uganda: A Spotlight by Noella Kyomugisha

Universal M. Enterprises’ Vision for Affordable Housing in Uganda: A Spotlight by Noella Kyomugisha

“Noella Kyomugisha, representing Universal M. Enterprises, shared the company’s commitment to providing affordable housing in prime Ugandan locations at the 13th UK-Uganda Trade Summit, emphasizing their focus on Ugandans in the diaspora.”

Empowering Financial Inclusion Through MTN Mobile Money: Insights from Dennis Musinguzi at the 13th Summit”

Empowering Financial Inclusion Through MTN Mobile Money: Insights from Dennis Musinguzi at the 13th Summit”

“Dennis Musinguzi, Senior Manager at MTN Mobile Money Uganda, highlighted the transformative role of mobile money services in providing financial access and ease of transactions at the 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit.”

Enhancing Trade Efficiency at Ugandan Borders: Insights from the 13th UK-Uganda Summit

Enhancing Trade Efficiency at Ugandan Borders: Insights from the 13th UK-Uganda Summit

“At the 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit, discussions focused on the inconsistencies in documentation and clarity on taxes at the Ugandan border. Ray Wilburn from East African Solutions raised these issues, leading to insightful responses from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) about customs regulations and taxpayer support.”


Our Sponsors

Inquiries: UK: +44770890647089 | UG: +256 7739 33333
Business Dinner

Business Dinner

The focus of this dinner will be to hear from our distinguished guests on the impact Indians have made in Uganda, articulate the vision for attracting further Indian and other international interest in the country, and help participants understand some of the economic opportunities that exist in Uganda. The day after, our distinguished guests will be at the UK-Uganda Trade, Fintech and FDI Forum 2022 in London.

The UK-Uganda Foreign Direct Investment Convention

The UK-Uganda Foreign Direct Investment Convention

The forum (UCUK) is organised in support with Lord Popat (UK Trade Envoy to Uganda, DRC and Rwanda), the Department for International Trade (Kampala), Uganda Investment Authority and Uganda’s High Commissioner to the UK. The event will focus on sub sector including Topic: Manufacturing and infrastructural development, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Digital Technology, Financing Start-Ups, Public-Private Partnerships, Women in Business, Healthcare and Fintech.



The legendary Afrigo Band will perform at a live audience. The convention culminates in a spectacular after party, giving all attendees including VIPs, an opportunity to relax, un-wind, mingle and enjoy the rich cultural diversity of Uganda. Celebrating cultural exchange and diversity and to promote community cohesion is the guiding theme as the gala showcases and helps to preserve Uganda’s cultural traditions.



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Limited seats available. Hurry up to book your seat