Blog: Welcome remarks: H.E Amb. Julius Peter Moto, Uganda’s High Commissioner to the UK

Welcome remarks: H.E Amb. Julius Peter Moto, Uganda’s High Commissioner to the UK

H.E Amb Julius Peter Moto welcomed everybody to the 7th Annual Uganda – United Kingdom Trade and Investment Convention. He thanked them for taking time off their busy schedules to attend the convention. On the same note he appreciated the organisers, particularly the Chairman of Ugandan Convention UK, Mr. Willy Mutenza and his Executive Committee for the hard work in organising the Event.

He retaliated further that this was a great forum for Uganda and UK., which he had been following for the last four years. He said that it added I have been following it for the last four years and I think it adds momentum in what was being done: Hunting Foreign Direct Investments, promoting trade, culture and tourism between the two countries.

Amb Julius said that the socio-economic stability of Uganda for the last 31 years, with the growth rate averaging 7% per annum, there was no doubt that Uganda, a land-linked country with a large market of over 300 million consumers in the wider COMESA market, in the heart of Africa, was the place to invest in.

The theme for the Uganda UK Convention of the year “Partnering for Wealth Creation” if lines well with the Government of Uganda’s grand framework of Vision 2040 that launched a powerful household income and livelihood enhancement program called Operation Wealth Creation, currently in all districts of Uganda. In the short to medium term, the program, alongside other programs, should catapult Uganda into a middle income status. All Ugandans were called upon to partner with like-minded well-wishers, where possible, to create wealth.

He further said that Uganda used to import all her needs from neighbouring countries. Under the able leadership of President Museveni, most of our products were now manufacture in the country. He commended the Government investment in economic infrastructures coupled with a hard working population, sound macro-economic stability and management that had attracted private businesses into the country. He encouraged the Ugandans in Diaspora are particularly encouraged to invest in Uganda, given those advantages. He requested them to tap investment resources to process agricultural produce for meeting the market demands in the region and outside the region of East Africa, including UK, EU and the Americas.

The Ambassador requested them to take the advantage of Uganda being a member to the East African Community and COMESA, powerful building blocks for the ultimate integration of markets in Africa too.

He said that the UK Mission would focus mainly in attracting investors, but not limited, in the following fields:-Industrial grade sugar for the pharmaceutical industries; Starch and textiles sector; Iron and steel to support manufacturing industries; lithium mineral in Uganda; copper mines and; Tailor made (group) tourism to Uganda.

He urged them to visit the Uganda Investment Authority website:, for investment guides and opportunities in Uganda.

He assured them that The Uganda High Commission, London will be open to them on all matters regarding their investments and tourism needs in Uganda.

He wished them a fruit deliberation during the convention.


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