Post: We need your feeback and comment of the convention!

We need your feeback and comment of the convention!

We need your feeback to enable us avoid some mistake and we welcome comments on the structure of the day, specific follow up requirements and other topics that you would have liked addressed.

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  • Dear Organisers, It was a great initiative but i would like an implementation and physical manifestation of the outcomes of this Forum” James

  • There is need for more of such kinds of Forum to help us engage Diasporas more. The potential is immense for the country, but the NRM needs to come up with good icentives to lure us back home otherwise too much corruption and nepotism.
    Charles Okello

  • Tirupati Uganda a Big fraud, Con company operated by a bunch of crooks. Just dig in their history and you will find. They talk big and have no back up, lots of loans . Using Ugandians like slave and paying peanuts, giving substandard products and charging a lot.
    A company not be trusted.

  • “The seminars were excellent. I wanted to see every session, with speakers from all over. However I was dissapointed by the answer from Hon. Okello the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs who could not justify why the $300 fee to apply.

    The sessions were packed, showing a real appetite for information and advice on opportunities i Uganda for Diaspora. Well done the organisers and looking forward to seeing you in 2012.

    S. Okello

  • The Seminars were very helpful and interesting – I didn’t expect that high quality at an event that is for free. Coming from Scotland I could not wait for the After party hoping I will this time.

  • If this was a government funded event, how come we paid at the After-Party. I tried to get in touch with Equity bank but failed, please get me the proper contacts.

    Jalia – Bmgham

  • Looking forward to be this year there, I love the experience I had a last year, this is one event Ugandans all over the world should be proud of, it’s been put together by a tested and trusted Ugandans,keep the wonderful work going guys.This event sure helps promote our Uganda in a very positive light.

    This year why not bring the private sector instead of government officials. How come the UIA didn’t participate last year!

    We need it! KUDOS!

    Sarah – Manchester

  • hahahay..wat can i say, it was great,,,ma ticket money all da way from holland didnot go to waste…i had fun…wid me da entertainment was gd…mo dis year…xanx to organisers

  • Hi organiser,

    How does one get the video made of the Convention?

    Many people are asking for follow up, any chance of setting up microsites on the convention website for Q&A, I would be happy to engage with those asking about Financial Markets. There is also a need to provide information on a Diaspora office in the UK and you guys have the momentum on this, please do something. There’s a lot of positive feed back. Ida, your response on google was so professional and that’s the way to go.

    My regards,


  • Dear Mr Mutenza,

    Thank you for granting Africa Job Station a complimentary exhibition table at the recent convention. We received a lot of good publicity and learned valuable lessons to take our cause forward in a more effective manner.

    Once again, thanks for the complimentary table. I trust we shall continue to build a mutually beneficial working relationship.

    Kind regards,

    Moses Otim

  • To whom it may concern.

    I applaud you all for organising such a big event and making it possible is a credit. However short comings are expected and to improve you need to learn from any mistakes made and getting positive feed backs.

    I for one enjoyed the day’s programme however I would suggest the organiser should come up with resolutions or form up committees to follow up ideas brought up or challenged by the participants so that such information should be addressed and brought back to the next convention.

    The convention should be used as platform between Ugandans living in the Diaspora and the Uganda government and both parties should be learning from each other and solve problems through dialogue.

    On the evening show, please avoid bringing back Bobi Wine and his crew. He was a disgrace and didn’t know what he was doing. Being that it was karaoke people needed continuous music to dance and enjoy the show but not to blow his own trumpet and vendetta with Bebe Cool. We paid to listen and dance to their best songs and none came of Bobi Wine. Iryn and Judith were fantastic.

    Lastly is there a chance to have a music band playing side by side with the singing stars than singing on CD’s? At times there were echo and repeats in the song. Finally can the security on the stage be paramount? As much as people want to dance and show off the stage should be exclusively to the singing crew. Otherwise, well done guys I am looking forward for the 3rd convention next year.

  • Vote of thanks

    Dear Willy,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for organising the wonderful convention last Saturday gone.

    Please could you also thank a lady called ~Sophie who organised a table for Rupert – it was very much appreciated.

    Rupert had a good turn up for inquiries and to top it all up a very good time in the evening.

    Now please could you do me a favour if you can
    • tell me if that lady who talked about land is still around and how I can reach her.
    • Does the free tax on Agricultural equipment and machinery cover Pick-ups
    • Is the immigration person who spoke about dual citizenship still here and how can we reach him?

    Will be grateful for a quick response.

    Kind Regards,

    Josephine Nakato BSc (Hons)
    Environmental Health Enforcement Officer – Noise Team
    Premises Management

    Westminster City Council
    City Hall 4th Floor
    64 Victoria Street
    London, SW1E 6QP

    Tel: 020 7641 7358
    Fax: 020 7641 1740

  • Dear Willy

    Thank you for inviting me to the Uganda Convention. I found it interesting and worthwhile attending.
    I wish you continued success.

    Warm regards


    Subhash V Thakrar B Com FCA
    Senior partner
    Blackstone Franks LLP
    London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Barbican House
    26-34 Old Street
    London EC1V 9QR
    Switch: +44 207 250 3300
    Direct: +44 207 549 4400
    Fax: +44 207 250 1402
    Mobile(UK): +44 7831270 985
    Mobile(India): +91 98 2070 8030

  • I will take this oppotunity to thank you for organising such a wonderfull function and protecting our first lady and speaker by your private body guards who did a wonderfull job keep that up.

    Ruth Wanyana

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much indeed for organizing the Uganda-UK Convention 2012 – the event was indeed a resounding success. I would be keen to organize follow up meetings with the speakers named below, as I am keen to invite them to Oxford University to speak at an Oxford Entrepreneurs event.

    – Hon. Maria Kiwanuka: Minister of Finance
    -Sebaggala Kigozi: UMA
    – Hon Daudi Migereko: Minister of Lands
    – Philip Wabulaya: Bank of Uganda
    – Kenneth Egesa: Bank of Uganda
    – Deus Muhwezi: Commissioner Agribusiness
    – Sammuel Mugasi: CEO NAADs

  • How do we buy the Diaspora bond and is there any agent in the UK?

    What is the exit period and interest rate?


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