Post: We build for low and middle income families

We build for low and middle income families


Access to decent, affordable housing provides stability for vulnerable families and helps prevent homelessness. Comfort Homes Uganda is on a program that covers the big component of affordable housing value chain starting from providing titles to residents, housing construction, urbanization to the quality development of affordable houses in an effort to drive affordability of housing for home buyers in lower and middle-income groups.


“Our focus is building truly affordable housing and providing excellent residential solutions for low to middle income citizens in Kampala.”


We do this because Kampala city needs to provide new housing for a large number of new residents yearly. About a quarter of the total urban population in Kampala is living below the poverty line where people live in precarious housing without tenure and access to basic services like water, sewerage and electricity.

The lack of housing access is one of the most serious and widespread consequences and causes of poverty in African cities. We are on a mission to build quality houses at a reasonable cost for low and middle income populations.


Contact Comfort Homes at:

LOCATION: Naalya, Opposite Quality Supermarket

TELEPHONE: +256 706 525 352 | +256 704 052 735


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