Liao Shen Industrial Park Kapeeka, an Industrial revolution marvel in Uganda.

I was humbled by the industrial “revolution” in Kapeeka. Joined by the minister of Trade, industries and cooperatives Hon Francis Mwebesa, we were amazed by the industrial development initiatives championed by General Saleh.

Liao shen industrial park, has two ceramic factories for bathroom ware – sinks, toilets, bathtubs, plates, cups and jugs. In both ceramic factories, local materials contribute 95% of total input. Goodwill, which works 24/7 producing 40,000 square meters of floor tiles daily with a daily workforce of 900 workers.

Other factories produce florescent tubes, bulbs and other electric wares; school bags and suitcases, weaving clothes etc. Liason Shen park has over 24 factories and another 40 under construction.

It is important that Ugandans in the Diaspora consolidate resources and invest in industries. Uganda suffers from exporting unprocessed goods. These make us earn less money in international markets since they tend to attract continually declining prices.

Manufacturing is the way forward but government will have to give incentives to firms such as tariff protection, different forms of subsidies, access to long term affordable credit, cheaper electricity, better infrastructure to transport goods, etc.