Post: UCUK2022 welcome Universal M. Enterprises, as new sponsor, to the 12th UK Uganda TradeSummit 2022.

UCUK2022 welcome Universal M. Enterprises, as new sponsor, to the 12th UK Uganda TradeSummit 2022.

We are proud to welcome our new Bronze sponsor, Universal M. Enterprises, to the 12th UK Uganda Trade & Investment Summit 2022.

  • Date: 10 Sept 2022
  • Venue: Park Plaza London Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TJ
  • Registration: –

Universal Multipurpose Enterprises Ltd is a real estate company that deals in affordable housing. We basically construct condominium apartments which are sold to all Ugandans and non-Ugandans who would wish to stay in Uganda. Most of our apartments are located in Nalya, Najjera, Kololo, Kira, Namugongo and Bukasa-Muyenga. Individuals who purchase get mailo condominium titles in respect to the particular condominium units they are interested in. They can lease, sublease, rent or mortgage that particular unit.

Located on plot 36B Katalima Crescent Naguru-Ntinda II Road, P.o Box 35708, Kampala Uganda. You can also reach on or you can call us on 0753258494 or 0773260652.

With affordable housing, we make your vision come true!!

“We are happy to partner with a company that Offer one of the Best Real Estate Deals in Uganda.”

They have a flexible payment plan where the initial deposit is 30% from the purchase fee, and the 70%is divided into seven monthly instalments starting from the next month of the initial deposit.
Also have mortgage arrangements with various banks for clients.

“What to buy” is a common puzzle for prospective apartment owners. The size of the family and the needs of individuals who will be living in the home vary greatly, and can determine the size or number of bedrooms in the apartment you will move into.

Just as you don’t want to end up with a home that does not have the right number of bedrooms, you also don’t want to spend more money and be stuck with more space/bedrooms, because you thought that you needed the extra space when you really didn’t.

When deciding on the size of the apartment, there are many factors to take into consideration but the size of your family stands out as the most important factor.

Of course, larger homes mean more space for people, whether they are your own family members or guests. If you find yourself entertaining visitors/guests on a regular basis, then having a our 3 bedroom apartment to accommodate these gatherings is essential.

And finaly, deciding what to buy also depends on your budget, both short and long term, buying and affordable house from Universal M is possible, and can help you save money so that you can purchase your dream house more easily.

You can get started by speaking with one of our sales agents to give you guidence on the offers that will match your needs.

Head Office: 36B, Katalima Crescent Ntinda 2 Road, OPP Mariya’s Place, Naguru. Kampala Uganda

Phone Number: +256 776015352, +256 703335353, +256 758225352


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