On the Friday 13th & Saturday 14th September 2019 the Uganda Convention will be a held over a 2 day period at the Hilton Hotel (City) and the Troxy Centre (East London).

This will be the 9th Uganda convention with the aim being on ‘“UNLOCKING UGANDA’S INVESTMENT POTENTIAL”.

The 2 day convention will be packed with expert advice, world leading knowledgeable speakers, this Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Convention stands as the most important summit this year for businesses and organizations looking to set up overseas operations in East Africa (Uganda).

The success has been seen over the years with great participation from the Ugandan community. This has propelled us to continue building momentum and finding more innovative ways of bringing the Ugandan Diaspora to the center of the global arena.

The forum brings together experts, high profile business and government delegates from Uganda and UK, business leaders, Ugandans in the Diaspora, professionals and representatives from prominent organizations based in Uganda, the UK and beyond. Delegates have access to up-to-date information on the vast potential for investment that Uganda offers to both the domestic and the international community.

Fintech will also be featuring in this unique event to showcase how ICT is critical to connecting Uganda and the rest of Africa in order to accelerate its growth as an emerging market. 

The days will include exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions from industry experts and practitioners, debates, motivational speakers, networking sessions, One-on-One business and development partnership negotiations, Business field tours, optional excursions and a special session at the House of Lords.


Organiser Willy Mutenza encourages Ugandans from the diaspora and beyond to attend this jam-packed event providing a wealth of knowledge as well as an arena of opportunity for those looking to invest in Uganda. 


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Written by Michael Muyinda

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