Post: Thank you very much for attending the 5th Uganda Convention UK in London on 12th Sept 2015

Thank you very much for attending the 5th Uganda Convention UK in London on 12th Sept 2015

We hope that your experience through engagements, business forums, the powerful presentations from speakers as well as the selected panels were able to provide you with invaluable insights into investment opportunities in Uganda.
Thank you again for being part of our journey to encourage the Diaspora community to especially work towards financial independence. There is nothing more powerful than when communities come together to share ideas, experiences, and hope. We trust that the event has enabled you to come closer to achieving your personal and professional goals and vision.
On behalf of the organising team, please forgive us for any hiccups that you may have experienced on the day. We assure you that we work tirelessly to continually improve the delivery of this annual event.
Please take a moment and give us your feedback, it is very critical in our ongoing effort to improve our services.

We are pleased to let you know that most of the presentations from this year’s conference will be available online at

We wish you all the best of luck as you seek to achieve your 2015 objectives. Enjoy the rest of the year.

And finally, make sure you mark your calendar for the 2016 Convention to take place on 10th Sept 2016 at Troxy Arena.

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Warm regards,
Mr. Willy Mutenza chairman

Ugandan UK Trade & Investment Forum
Tel: 07790 647089 | 0207 237 7317


Ytube: ugandansinuk | Twitter: UGConventionUK

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