Hon. Alum Santa Sandra Ogwang

Woman MP - Oyam District

Alum Sandra Ogwang (born 2 December 1972) is a Ugandan social scientist, politician and legislator.[1] She represents the people of Oyam District as district Woman representative in the Parliament of Uganda.[2] She is a member of the Uganda People's Congress ( UPC),[3] a party under the chairmanship of Jimmy Akena, who is the member of parliament for Lira municipality[4] and son to former president Apollo Milton Obote.


DAY 1 - 08 SEPT 2023 Afternoon | Agribusiness | Coffee Session


Investors evaluating political risks consider:

  • the host state’s political and regulatory stability, both in the short and longterm, including its position on the corruption index, electoral history, thestrength of its public institutions and its history of changes to policies.
  • How are Ugandan legislators assisting in the adoption of favourable laws forinvestors, and what are they?
  • How lawmakers reassure investors on the politics as a consequence ofnational political events such as constitutional referendums, elections, orimportant policy changes such as Uganda's recent Anti-LGBT-Law, whichhas led in development partners such as World Bank suspending theirfunding.
  • Changes in laws or policy may potentially pose a political risk to acompany.
  • Investments seen as connected to governments are often the ones most atrisk during any political unrest – with opposition groups targetinginvestments in strategic sectors to pressure sitting governments.
    How does the legislators’ insulators and assure investors of their investments,and does the changing face of political opposition in Uganda affectinvestment?
  • How can Ugandans in the Diaspora participate in Uganda’s politics?