Dr. Aminah Zawedde

Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

Dr. Aminah Zawedde the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance. She is an experienced IT professional passionate about embracing digital transformation to improve business models, service delivery and transform people’s lives. She provides strategic and technical guidance on how various sectors can leverage innovation and digital solutions to solve their problems while creating employment opportunities for the youths. To this end, she has played a big role in strengthening the linkages between government, the private sector, academia and development partners. Dr. Zawedde is a Rotarian and also serves on the boards of DFCU Limited, NITA-U and MustardSeed Junior School.

15.00 - 16.15


Investing in Sustainable solutions in Finance and Technology, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Construction (Real Estate) and Manufacturing.

Investing in Sustainable solutions in Finance and Technology, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Construction (Real Estate) and Manufacturing.

  • Which are the investment opportunities in Uganda's financial services sector and how can investors achieve highest return on their investment?
  • The growth of information technology innovations and what are the opportunities?
  • How to access funding for digital solutions and FinTech start-ups?
  • As Cryptocurrency/blockchain technology matures, where does the government of Uganda stand on laws and regulations in this area? (Dr. Hatwib Mugasa, ED - National Informational Technology Authority Uganda)
  • Challenges of the banking sector after the covid-19 crisis – how have banks met new challenges, identified opportunities, solutions and addressed them. Where are opportunities for investment?

Opportunities in Kampala City Council.

  • What are the opportunities, challenges and regulatory barriers in financing of sustainable infrastructure projects in Kampala? (Mrs. Dorothy Kiyimba Kisaka, Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA))

Narrowing Uganda’s Digital Divide in a Post-COVID World

  • What are the most important areas of focus to support Uganda and East Africa’s broader post-pandemic economic recovery, including policies and regulations, while building on innovations in health, energy, education, tourism and consumer goods, among other sectors. What kinds of partnerships between the public and private sector can narrow Uganda's digital divide and increase productivity?

Financing Ugandan infrastructure development: What is ‘good debt’?

  • Assessing various financing options for infrastructure development with the need for debt sustainability.
  • What are the benefits and disadvantage of bonds, Export Credit Agency (ECA) financing and commercial loans?
  • How do UK Export Finance and other export credit agencies deals compare to other sources of financing?
  • What are alternative solutions and options to finance projects in affordable way? (Isaac Kahara, Head of Export Finance – East Africa, UK Export Finance, British High Commission, Nairobi, Kenya)

One on One meetings with government officials


  • Martin Muhangi, Director, Investment Promotion and Business Development, UIA