Andrew Bamanya

Director & Lagan DOTT Namanve Project Director

Lagan DOTT Namanve Limited is a joint venture established between UK contractors Lagan Group Limited and Local Ugandan contractor DOTT Services Limited to develop the infrastructure for the Kampala Industrial Business Park.  The Joint Venture brings together the application of international standards with local knowledge and expertise to develop a world class project for the Uganda government.  Operating under an EPC Contract, the team assisted the Uganda Investment Authority to secure UKEF funding together with Standard Chartered to advance the project.


The development of the park represents a major commitment by the Ugandan government and the Lagan-DOTT joint venture, as strong international and local construction companies with the expertise to deliver the project on time. The development of the park will encourage local employment both during construction and during the operational stage.  The team will work to ensure skills transfer through the construction period and beyond the project.


The park is current in its construction phase and we look forward to finalizing a high quality park to help promote and grow the Ugandan economy for the benefit of all.


Commenting on the status Andrew Bamanya Project Director advises:


“This project represents a major commitment to industry in Uganda and LDNL are pleased to be part of that journey.  After all the difficulties of Covid we are keen to progress the project and complete its as soon as possible. The team look forward to other opportunities to assist the development of the Ugandan economy.”



DAY 1 - 08 SEPT 2023 Morning Session | Keynote Remarks


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