Perez Ochieng

Director, SACOMA Foods and Global Innovation

Perez is an award-winning business leader and scientist, global Women Inventor and Innovator and visionary and innovative business leader in the international food industry, who has initiated and managed groundbreaking projects, such as the IFE Innovation and the award winning SACOMA sweet potato initiative. She has been involved in collaborative scenario planning as well as social research on consumer-driven innovation, food retail models along with other disruptive manufacturing innovations in global food production with a focus on immune building, gut health, women’s health, men’s health, baby health, healthy aging and longevity and quality of life.

Perez has been involved in several disruptive manufacturing innovations in global food production. As an indigenous scientist who combines African traditional knowledge with academic research, she has researched healthy aging and personalised nutrition for the silver community in partnership with University of Kent, and Denmark’s Aarhus University; research into pre-biotic with Queensland University, Australia and research on viscosity for gluten free food for people aged 50+.

While her work over the last 25 years has been on promoting the consumption of natural foods and sustainable food production using novel ingredients through food quality, safety, security, authenticity, traceability as well as safe movement and trade of foods across borders she is also an promoter of the possible effects of future foods like plant-based proteins, insect as food and feed, lab-meat and herbs on health and wellbeing as well single origin coffees.

Perez has been involved in Knowledge Transfer partnership and a number of development projects for food Global Food Manufacturers, African governments, embassies and international organizations on trade (Imports/Exports), small enterprise development, agro business, value chain analysis, quality control systems and other initiatives aimed at improving the business climate in the voluntary, private sectors and public sectors.

She is passionate about the innovation of future foods like plant-based proteins, insects and herbs for health and wellbeing.

She is the founder of SACOMA Global Foods Innovation, an award-winning importer, exporter, manufacturer, and distributor with its own retail chain for organic & natural food & drinks in the United Kingdom together with a training college and retail Launchpad for food businesses that want to get into the UK retail market. Goods are imported from countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, India, Australia, Spain, Italy, Bangladesh, Latin America and many more.