Seeking investors for fish processing plants

Uganda’s fisheries sector has undergone major improvements which has seen fish exports soar due to demand by the European Union and other international markets including USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East. The Nile Perch and Tilapia, found in Lake Victoria, have proven to be the most commercially viable.

Ugandan fish and fish products comply to the European Union’s hygiene directive (91/493/EEC), and other international standards. The Department of Fisheries is continually enforcing compliance to international standards.

Investment opportunities

• Investment opportunities are in fish farming and establishment of more fish processing factories near waters other than Lake Victoria to meet government’s set annual export quota of 60,000 metric tonnes.
• Processing of fish into finished products like canned fish, fish soups and fish fingers.
• The establishment of cold storage facilities, processing of frozen fillets and fish, and aquaculture.
• Production and marketing of fish by-products such as skins, oil and fish meal production.
• Pharmaceutical companies have an opportunity to manufacture products like isinglass from fisheries waste.

Incentives: These include 100% capital allowances for scientific research and training.

For further details on fisheries investment opportunities contact the Uganda Investment Authority.

Issa Mukasa
Investment Promotion Division

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