Blog: SAMONA Uganda’s market leader in cosmetics, skin care at the Ugandan UK Convention, 27th August

SAMONA Uganda’s market leader in cosmetics, skin care at the Ugandan UK Convention, 27th August

SAMONA CEO Mr, Salongo Mukasa Kasawuli officiated in person at the 1st Ugandan Conventiohat took place on the 27th August at the Troxy Arena. During an interview with Sky TV, he assured Ugandans both in the UK and Uganda to start exploring and utilise the Ugandan Convention in the UK to link them with potential partners and thanked the organisers of the 1st Ugandan Convention for the Nobel initiative.

The Convention was attended by an overwheloing number of Ugandans from all over Europe. Salongo Kasawuli was excited by the demand of SAMONA products and promised to work with some existing Ugandans retailers in the UK to stock SAMONA products to cater for the demand.

SAMONA believe that each person is unique, with differences in age, skin and hair type. The concept of beauty varies from tribe, culture and country. So do cosmetics and personal care products which also change with time. Our vision is to provide glamour, excitement, to transcend the needs, exceed the desires of our consumers all over the world and innovation through quality herbal products at affordable prices.


Building on our unrivalled experience and expertise, fundamental research is a specific focus of our investment that drives creativity and contributes to developing the herbal cosmetics of tomorrow. We believe that research is as important as marketing, sensitivity to consumer needs is as important as scientific rigor and, know-how and expertise are as essential as intuition.

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