Salvado, Alex Muhangi to Perform at Annual UK-Uganda Convention.

By Maureen Nakigozi

Gone are the days when musicians were the only Ugandans artistes, invited for shows in the diaspora! Amarula family led the way for comedians; the pioneer comedy outfit flew for several shows in the US, Canada and Europe.

However, having stuck to performing in the local dialect, Amarula family only performed for Ugandans living broad. But there is  a new breed of comedians in The crackers Comedy outfit! And they are going places. Besides featuring on M-Net’s comedy club Live Kampala show.

The crackers boss Salvado performed at the Note of 1000 laughs continental comedy show in Nairobi before he influenced the organisers to hold the maiden show in Kampala.

Salvado is set to feature a monthly comedy show in Lagos alongside one of Africa’s best comedians, Klint the Drunk. But that will be after, Salvado and Alex Muhangi  storm the UK on September 15 where they will crack ribs at the annual UK-Uganda convention.

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