Post: Remarks by Willy Mutenza, Chairman and Founder

Remarks by Willy Mutenza, Chairman and Founder

The Chairman, also founder of the Uganda Convention, welcomed delegates to the Sixth Uganda Convention UK. In his welcome remarks, Willy informed members that the aim of the Convention was not only to make a contribution to the development of motherland – Uganda, but also devise and organise programmes to create stronger cohesion, cooperation, and foster a spirit of unity and support between various cultural Ugandan communities in the UK.  He stressed that this was a big priority to ensure long term success of Diaspora members and it was the only even where members of the various political parties and ethnical groups were represented.


He listed some of the achievements and impact of the Convention since its inception in 2010, disclosing that 3475 delegates had so far attended the Convention; more than 90 Ugandans relocated to Uganda, 31 companies from Uganda had showcased their services and 67 UK companies including SME by Diaspora had also exhibited at the Conventions. On record over 7 companies were in the process of investing or had already invested in Uganda, for example Signature Group which signed an MOU with the government to build over 10,000 homes for the police.


He proudly informed the delegates that the Convention had had participants and hosted Ugandans from all walks of life, political and cultural affiliations with one common mission to discuss, debate and explore ways how to contribute to the development of Uganda.


Some of the charitable achievements included; two (2) tractors donated by a delegate at the 3rd Convention to the First Lady, and money donated by the Nagrecha’s to refurbish a primary school in Ntugamo, with over 50 disadvantaged disabled students benefiting from the Convention.


Recently at the Health Forum inspired and co-founded by the Convention Lord Popat donated $100,000 towards a hospital in Busore-Busoga.

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