Post: Remark: Hon. Henry Musasizi, Chairperson Finance and Economic Planning Committee

Remark: Hon. Henry Musasizi, Chairperson Finance and Economic Planning Committee

Hon. Musasizi started by stating that Uganda was an endowed country with fertile soils, regular rain falls, mineral deposits with a capacity to feed the whole Africa if its agriculture is utilised.


He said that Uganda as a country was committed to enact laws that favour good investment environment says; it has a tax law that provides incentives that enable investment promotion. It has also got an investment code in place that guides all investment drives and this code provides a number of things among them free land for upraised investments that needs land, industrial parks and provide special economic zones.


He further pointed out that Uganda was a peaceful and democratic country.

Uganda, one of the founding members of the East African Community, has a market of over 150 million people which is a great population for a potential market.


The cost of labour is relatively affordable without any laws related to minimum wages.


The Government was committed in improving the existing infrastructure and opening up new ones including tarmacking all tourism roads.


The cost of energy was relatively affordable to investors and the manufacturers are given special energy tariffs.


The Honourable concluded by expressing gratitude to the organizers for having invited him to the Convention which had enabled him meet Ugandans in the Diaspora.

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