Post: Tooro Queen Mother to promote investment at the Investment Expo in UK

Tooro Queen Mother to promote investment at the Investment Expo in UK

The Vice Chairman of the Uganda Convention in the United Kingdom, Mr. Bernard Magulu invites Ugandans in the Diaspora and investors  to exploit the vast resources and business opportunities that exist in Tooro Kingdom.

Every year, the Convention gives a platform for  one of the kingdoms to exhibit and promote opportunities from its region. Buganda Kingdom was hosted in 2016 and last year Acholi Paramount Chief David Onen Acana II led a delegation from Acholiland to promote its vast opportunities.


In order to provide a conducive environment for doing business in Uganda, the government of Uganda has created a One Stop Centre (OSC) for business registration and licensing at the Uganda Investment Authority. The OSC also assists in tax advice and registration, immigration and work permit issues, land acquisition and verification, as well as environmental compliance and approvals.  Accessing all these services under one roof saves the investor both time and money to have their projects licensed and implemented expeditiously.


Toro Kingdom, founded in 1830 was part of the large empire of Kitara under the reign of the Babito Dynasty. Currently it is governed by King Oyo Olimi Rukidi IV who ascended the throne after the death of his father in 1995 when he was just 3 years old.


Most of Toro kingdom has got naturally fertile volcanic soils, thanks to the fact that it lies near the Rwenzori mountains. Enterprises that can be practised in Toro include tea, coffee, bananas, citrus and livestock”.


Bernard Magulu, an executive director to bank of Africa said that” Uganda is one of the most visited vacation destinations in Africa. Because Uganda plays host to many visitors annually, there are opportunities for investors to make money off these visitors. With around $100,000 or more, you can set up a resort or lodge for tourists. You can also set up a hotel or motel that gives the visitors a feeling of home even when they are miles away from home. If you have very little capital, you can turn your home or unused space into a bed and breakfast lodge for tourists”.


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