Post: Proud to Announce Roofings Group at the Uganda-UK Convention!

Proud to Announce Roofings Group at the Uganda-UK Convention!

There’s quite a buzz of excitement around Uganda UK Convention 2018, being held in London on the 15th September and we already have a long list of major government agencies, companies and sponsors committed to making this year’s event the best ever!


It gives us great pride to announce that Roofings Group Executive Director Oliver Lalani will be one of the speakers at the Convention and we are also excited to welcome Roofings Ltd who will be one of the exhibitors showcasing from Uganda’s their leading steel products manufactured in Uganda.


ROOFINGS GROUP is situated about 6km outside Kampala city centre on Plot 126 Entebbe Road, Lubowa. Occupying a 39-acre expanse of land, we are the leading producer of quality steel products in Uganda, with far reaching influence across the East African region. Roofings Limited was the first of all three Roofings Group subsidiary companies to be established.


Products manufactured at Roofings include; galvanized and pre painted roofing sheets, Eco tiles, Hollow sections, mild steel plates and open profiles all widely used building for domestic, commercial, public and industrial purposes.


Established in 1994 under license of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Roofings Limited launched operations in December 1995 and has not looked back since. Like a trail blazer, Roofings Limited’s success story has helped weave the path for the Roofings Group vision to be birthed sooner than originally anticipated.

Roofings Limited’s initial investment value, just US$ 2 million at establishment has continually grown and reached US $ 70 million, much of which is pumped into importing the most appropriate technology, raw material, and refining varied production processes to the minutest detail. We combine superior technical competence and unrivalled technological efficiency to produce the quality steel products we are famous for.

We mainly engage in cold-forming production with a total installed capacity currently at 160,000 metric tonnes per annum.


Cold forming is done by rolling or pressing thin gauges of sheet steel into the desired product. The material is manipulated continuously by pressing, rolling, even stamping until it takes the required shape. The effect of heat is minimized. Cold formed steel is light in weight, very strong, easy to install, virtually non-combustible, easy to handle in transportation, none shrinking in temperature and recyclable.


Why Attend UCUK 2018?

The UK Uganda Trade and Investment Convention (UCUK) is a prestigious annual business conference and exhibition designed specifically:

  • To promote and facilitate bilateral trade between the United Kingdom, Europe, the Diaspora with Uganda,
  • To facilitate foreign direct investment in Uganda and,
  • To provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets and
  • Promote British businesses exporting to Uganda.


UCUK 2018 will gather key economic players including government delegations, high-profile leaders, project developers and international investors. The event will cover 10 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, fintech, tourism and natural resources sectors. The event has a well-structured format for facilitating peer-to-peer engagement, for more advanced deal-making, co-investments, strategic partnerships, and business networking.


Over the last 7 years UCUK has substantially improved the lives of disadvantaged people in Uganda mainly in Agri and primary education sector.

With these key elements in mind, allow me, to invite you to be one of our speakers at this largest Uganda focused event in Europe on 15th September 2018, in London. We believe that your presentation at the Convention will give an insight on available opportunities in Uganda.

Join Ugandans, friends of Uganda investors and business leaders to build the Uganda of our dream on the 15th of September at the Troxy Arena-London, under the main theme “Driving Trade, Unleashing Investment and Enhancing Economic Development: The Gateway to Ugandan Markets”.


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