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The Ugandan community in the United Kingdom and the greater European region will hold their first Annual Ugandan convention on 27th August 2011 at the luxurious Troxy and Rafayel Hotel on the banks of River Thames.

According to Mr. Willy Mutenza the vision bearer, event planner and also publisher of Promota Magazine, the UK convention aims at harnessing the tremendous skill, exposure, expertise and knowledge base of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development back in Uganda, thus promoting, contributing, enhancing and sustaining economic growth in Uganda.

When asked about previous events/ideas that were short lived like the Uganda Business and Professionals Association[UBPA], Mr. Mutenza clarified on the issue by saying UBPA was an association that was limited to only professionals and business people, when he reviewed his commitment to this association he found out that the original objectives left out the interests of the common Ugandan, who is still looking for that idea or support to jump-start his dream.

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Mesach, Bebe for first UG-UK convention

IT is not every day that artistes are invited to be part of a ground-breaking and historic event and it says quite a lot about their artistry. Well, Bebe Cool and Eagles Production singer Mesach Semakula, have been invited to headline at the first ever Uganda Convention UK.

The convention, which is modeled after the annual Uganda North America Association convention in the US, seeks to inspire and encourage networking and unity among Ugandans in Europe for social, educational, cultural, economic and benevolent activities, and sustained image building for their nation.

Singers Priscilla Kalibala and Bella will also entertain the over guests at the event. It is scheduled for August 27th 20011 at the luxurious Troxy in the East Source: NewVision

First ever Ugandan Diaspora Convention UK (Europe) 2011


Ugandans in the UK (Europe) have finally called their first ever convention under the theme “Unleashing the potential of every Ugandan living in the Diaspora to help develop Uganda” I caught up with Rita Lutalo the Marketing director  for the convention via email and this  is what she told me We would like to take […]

Ugandans Warm For The 1st UK Convention
 Published on  8/3/2011  |  Published By Exposed Uganda

Ugandans in the UK this time might not have to cross borders for the famous US UNAA convention as one has been organized for them back home. The 1st UK-Ugandan convention chapter is scheduled for august 27th 20011 at the luxurious Troxy in the East London.Read more

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