Post: Presentation: Virraj Jatania, Co-founder & CEO of Pockit (PrePaid MasterCard)

Presentation: Virraj Jatania, Co-founder & CEO of Pockit (PrePaid MasterCard)

“The key motivation behind Pockit is to give banking-style services, and the power of e-commerce, to the financially underserved. Fintech has the ability to transform financial services – we’re committed to using it to serve the social good too.”
– Virraj Jatania, CEO and Founder
No one wants to feel excluded, especially when it comes to money.
Over eight million people in the UK either do not have a bank account or are poorly served by high-street banks. This often means missing out on advantages such as Direct Debit payments and cheaper prices online. It involves dealing with cash in an increasingly cashless world. It makes managing finances much harder than it needs to be.

Pockit’s mission is to change that.

We believe that accounts should be available to all, regardless of income or credit status. We think fees should be simple, fair and without any nasty surprises or jargon. We know that technology can make all this simpler and faster than ever before.
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