Post: Potential investors have viable opportunities and incentives

Potential investors have viable opportunities and incentives

Uganda’s geographical diversity and wide range of flora and fauna makes it a unique tourist destination. Tourism has recorded steady growth over the last decade. Potential lies in developing game parks, tourist facilities, mountain climbing and water sports such as white water rafting. Uganda is famous for its mountain gorillas, which represent about half of the world’s remaining gorilla population.

Investment opportunities

Investors in tourism could find profitable returns in the following areas:

  • Exploiting the ecotourism potential, which would particularly benefit tour operators seeking niche market segments.
  • Establishing tourist facilities and services and especially quality hotels.
  • Organising cross border tours, cruises on the Nile River and cabin ferry service on Lake Victoria.
  • Establishment of hospitality training institutes.
  • Concessions at the national parks are available to investors interested in developing tourist facilities.

The government is offering attractive incentives to tourism investors as it seeks to develop the sector in order to compete with the other member countries in the East Africa Community.

For further information on investing in tourism contact the Uganda Investment Authority.

Key contact: Issa Mukasa
Investment Promotion Division

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