The business idea is for making and marketing of plastic bricks. This business idea is premised on production of 13,000 plastic bricks per month which translates into 156,000 plastic bricks per year. The revenue potential is estimated at US $ 13,000 per month which translates into US$ 156,000 per year. The project cost is US $ 12,743.

Production Process

The process involves filling and compacting soil in mineral water bottles. After compacting, the bottles are then sealed with bottle caps.

Capital investment requirements in US$

Item Unit Quantity @ TC
Hoes No. 5 4 20
Spades No. 5 4 20
Wheelbarrow No. 2 30 60
TC of Machinery       100

Production and Operating Costs in US$ Direct Materials, Supplies and Costs

Cost Item Units @/ day Qty/ day Prod. cost/ day Prod. Cost/ month Prod. Cost/ year
soil Tones 20 1 20 520 6,240
Plastic bottles No. 0.02 500 10 260 3120
Sub-total         780 9,360

General costs (Overheads)

Utilities (water) 10 120
Salaries 120 1,500
Rent 100 1,200
Depreciation 1.9 22.8
Sub-total 231.9 3,383
Total Operating costs 1011.9 12,743
  1. Production assumed 312 days per year with a daily capacity of 500 plastic bricks.
  2. Depreciation (fixed assets write off) assumes 4 years life of assets write off of 25% per year
  3. Direct costs include: materials, supplies and other costs that directly go into production of the product

Project Product Cost and Price Structure in US$

Item Qty/ day Qty/yr @ Prod. Cost / year UPx TR
Plastic bricks 500 156,000 0.5 12,743 1 156,000

Profitability Analysis in US $

Profitability item per day per month per year
Plastic bricks 500 13,000 156,000
Less Production & Operating Costs 40.8 1061.9 12,743
Profit 459.2 11,938 143,257


Plastic bricks making is still a new idea on market, but the bricks are believed to be long lasting for a period of 100 years if used. They are suitable when constructing in wetlands. The idea will also help government and local authorities to reduce on plastic waste and protect the environment.



  • Would like to know more about the plastic bricks and how they are made.

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