Post: UK Convention’s Flashback: Panel Discussion: Priority Sector Business Investment Opportunities

UK Convention’s Flashback: Panel Discussion: Priority Sector Business Investment Opportunities

Panel Discussion: Priority Sector Business Investment Opportunities: infrastructure, Renewable Energy
Mining & Minerals, Infrastructure, finance, Transport and logistics, Construction, Manufacturing.

The session will discuss the broad investment thesis and why now is the time to be investing in Uganda. Opportunities, challenges and outlook. It will also seek to identify, and evaluate local investment opportunities, access to affordable finance and how to deepen the banking and financial services sector. Other talking points will include:

• How can British exporters successfully tap into the economic and related infrastructure boom in Uganda/Kampala Capital City?
• Banking and Financial Services: Driving Growth in Uganda
• Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure and Public private partnerships
• Where are the hotspots for trade and infrastructure-driven transformation at present in Uganda and East Africa?
• Where is the greatest trade financing and working capital need in Uganda/East Africa in terms of markets and sectors? What are the hurdles being faced by borrowers and lenders?
• Why does a challenge still remain due to physical infrastructure bottlenecks? To what extent is this set to grow with mounting challenges to in-bound FDI, Tax deficits and financing?

Moderator:  Ade Daramy, Chairman, The African Foundation for Development

• Hon. Isaac Musumba, Minister of State for Urban Development
• Hon. Esther Mbulakubuza Mbayo, Minister of the Presidency
• Hon. Nakate Lillian Segujja
• SAMUEL KIRUBI, Managing Director (Equity Bank (U) Ltd | Chair, Committee physical Infrastructure
• Hon. Nzoghu William Musabe, Shadow Min for Works and Transport
• Michael Mugabi, Executive Director, Housing Finance Bank
• Fred Opolot, Member, Investment Arthority Board

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