Post: Opportunity to expand a food processing plant in Uganda

Opportunity to expand a food processing plant in Uganda

Promoter: The Uganda Investment Authority

Client: RECO Industries Ltd.

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Client profile: RECO Industries Ltd has a business history extending over 20 years with assets worth well over US$4 million to date and still growing. The company has expertise in food processing and papain enzyme production, and also develops its own recipes and products.
The company has 100 permanent employees who produce products including fresh fruit juices,  juice concentrates, jams, marmalades, chili and ketchup. RECO industries also plans to expand into the regional and international markets.

Investment opportunity:

RECO Industries is seeking the following:

• An investing partner
• Quality technology for producing juice concentrate with an aroma recovery evaporator (spray drying plant for fruits powder, distillation column and an aseptic flush freezer)
• Installation of machinery for papain plant ( A lyopholizer for freezer drying, basket centrifuge – 1600rpm and chromatography column)
• Establishment of a water treatment plant with sludge tanks and pH controls.

Cost of investment: The expansion cost of the project is US$4.7 million.

Company input: RECO grows organic fruits and vegetables. The company’s packing plant is near a railway terminal and close to an airport, enabling quick deliveries of export produce. The company’s farm technical staff works closely with staff at the National Agricultural Research Organisation to develop quality products.

For more information on the RECO Industries proposal contact the Uganda Investment Authority.

Key contact: Issa Mukasa
Director, Investment Promotion Division

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