Post: UK Convention’s Flashback: OPPORTUNITIES IN INFRASTRUCTURE | Eric Olanya

UK Convention’s Flashback: OPPORTUNITIES IN INFRASTRUCTURE | Eric Olanya


Panel discussion: 3-4 industry led speakers from UK and Uganda

• HOUSING: Understanding market demand, and addressing the disconnect between the price of formal, developer-built housing and what the general population can afford. Can the market shift its emphasis to meet the needs of the majority?
• REAL ESTATE FINANCING: A review of innovative funding products, capital structures and what collaborative efforts need to be implemented for local construction and mortgage financing to flourish.
• OPPORTUNITIES: What are the key investment opportunities within the local property market?
• DEMYSTIFYING: Obstacles to Ugandan real estate investment; including local land rights, tax regime and legal frameworks.
• DISRUPTION OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING MARKET: The affordable housing sector in Uganda is go-ing through interesting times with new affordable property entrants disrupting the market with affordable properties. The surge is boosted by easy access to mortgages from leading banks like Housing Finance bank. What is the cur-rent state of affordable housing? What is the level of shortage in the country, challenges & successes: The Uganda Experience”?
• FINANCING: What are the current sources of funds and what are the plans/initiatives to make housing credit more affordable, what are the alternative financing solutions?
• REGULATIONS: What is the current policy and regulatory framework on condo-mailo and lease titles?
• What is KYAPA MUNGALO land tenure, and is the land title bankable?
Eric Olanya, Head of Trade, DIT, British High Commission in Kampala.

• What is the reality of Uganda’s investment climate on the Ground considering the political climate as portrayed by the media? (Eric)

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