Post: Opportunities in Health, Agro- and Horticulture in Uganda for Diasporas

Opportunities in Health, Agro- and Horticulture in Uganda for Diasporas

One of the most successful Diasporans is Paul Sembeguya who decided to go back to Uganda about 10 years ago. Sembeguya is the owner of the successful Sembeguya Estates in Kasansa, Mawogola county, Sembabule.
There are a lot of opportunities for Diasporans who want to engage in modern commercial farming or to explore the vast opportunities in the health sector.

Horticulture such as fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers; this sector is very diverse and embraces the traditional large-scale, plantation production of medium value products, e.g. bananas, pineapples, citrus fruits and the more recent intensive production of high value products such as green beans, mange-tout, baby sweet corn, fresh fruit-salad, roses and carnations.

This is a segment of the agricultural market that is of ever growing importance since there is a high income elasticity of demand – as people get richer they eat more fresh produce, and in particular more prepared, packaged, “added-value” fresh produce.

Globally, this is an important sector for Uganda. In the mid-1990’s it was estimated that the value of exports of fresh fruit and vegetables from developing to developed countries was US$4.3 billion, even after excluding the very large banana trade, while the value of floriculture exports was US$1.4 billion.
The sector has also become important for sub-Saharan Africa. By the late 1990’s the export of fresh produce was approximately equal to two-thirds of the export value of traditional agricultural commodities.

At the Convention we have brought a big delegation led by Hon. Tress Bucyanayandi, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries and a team of Agro-business experts to help highlight opportunities in this sector. Dr. Samuel Mugasi, CEO – NAADS will also be of added value to the panel as is Mrs Perez Ochieng who runs a wholesale outlet at Spitalfields Fruits and Vegetable market (London) who will discuss the challenges and opportunities of Western markets.

Points of discussion will include;

  • What strategies should the sector adopt to ensure innovation and attract investment
  • What are the opportunities in the sector for Diaspora
  • Are there any incentives for small and medium size investors?
  • Are there opportunities in value addition in the agri-sector
  • What are the incentives Agriculture investments?
  • NAADS, how can Diasporans take advantage of some of your programmes?
  • What are the investment opportunities in the health sector?

The panel will be moderated by Mrs Stella Makumbi, Farah Ramadan, IHS Global Insight, a businesswoman who understand both worlds and will be able to guide the panel for the benefit of Diasporans.

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