Blog: Oil and Gas courses for Ugandans at Coventry University

Oil and Gas courses for Ugandans at Coventry University

Coventry University’s Department of Geography, Environment & Disaster Management

Coventry University’s Department of Geography, Environment & Disaster Management (GED) has a national and international reputation for offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that tackle the natural environment that has been described as the most serious and difficult challenge facing humankind in the 21st Century.

These courses and research areas look at key issues including combating disease, reducing social and economic inequalities, regenerating our cities and promoting good health and prosperity command our attention whilst disasters and emergencies occur all too frequently across the world and need to be managed effectively.

Range of course including Oil and Gas at Coventry University

BSc Disaster Management
BSc Disaster Management and Emergency Planning
BSc Geography and Natural Hazards
BSc Geography
BA Geography
BSc Oil, Gas and Energy Management

MSc Oil and Gas Management
MSc Petroleum & Environmental Technology (Starts September 2012)
MSc Climate and Environmental Change
MSc Disaster Management
MSc Emergency Planning and Management
MSc Environmental Management
·          MBA Oil and Gas Management

·         London Campus

Oil and Gas and other natural resources can be a blessing or a curse, it all depends on good leadership and management. If a country has oil and gas resources everyone hopes that the revenue generated will benefit all communities. What are the issues? Does a country become complacent and become a mono economy where other sectors such as agriculture move into decline? Who is benefitting? Is it an elite minority? How do we combat these issues and many more?
Education is the key, educate your people so that you understand the issues, you own the problems and you come up with the solutions. Listed above is the range of courses offered Coventry University’s Department of Geography, Environment & Disaster Management. The key ones targeting the Oil and Gas Sectors are highlighted in blue.
On-line application

For further information contact our East African Office or the Regional Manager for Africa & Middle East

Coventry University
East African Office
Tim Hun, Regional Manager Africa and Middle East
International Office
Coventry University
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Tel: +44 (0) 24 7615 2165
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Silpa A. Nyagudi, East Africa Office, Manager
Coventry University
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Mombasa Road
Mob: +254 716 062 100
Mob: +254 723 161 908
SKYPE: silpa.kenya.coventry

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