Post: Nnabagereka Development Foundation to exhibit at the 5th Uganda-UK Investment Convention – 13th Sept at Troxy

Nnabagereka Development Foundation to exhibit at the 5th Uganda-UK Investment Convention – 13th Sept at Troxy

A leading African Foundation celebrating positive culture and providing development solutions.

Leveraging culture to improve the quality of life of children, youth and women in Uganda.

Strategic Goal
Improved economic and social wellbeing of children, youth and women in Uganda.

Our Values

  • We believe in Obuntubulamu/Ubuntu as a way of upholding the dignity of the
  • Kingdom of Buganda and nurturing the freedom of the people of Uganda.
  • We acknowledge diversity; strive for inclusiveness, but with a primary focus on the vulnerable.
  • We are innovative and pioneering in our quest for development solutions.
  • We are transparent and accountable in our processes and operations.



The Nnabagereka Development Foundation [NDF] is a charitable organisation founded in 2000 by the Queen of the Kingdom of Buganda [Nnabagereka], Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda. Buganda is the largest traditional Kingdom in Uganda and one of the oldest in Africa, having been in existence for more than 800 years.

Our roots lie within the Kingdom of Buganda giving us the leverage to use the cultural voice framework to engineer development solutions. We are pacesetters and our key strategy has been to innovate and pioneer approaches which promote positive traditional practices while also embracing modernity.



  • We have actively contributed to a revival of cultural voice through promoting traditional values, norms and practices.
  • The Ekisaakaate kya Nnabagereka [EKN] has equipped more than 6,000 young girls and boys drawn from Buganda, Uganda and beyond with lifelong skills.
  • We have provided quality primary education to vulnerable girls including children with disability,
  • We have guaranteed access to university education to girls drawn from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • We have been involved in successful national and grassroots level advocacy campaigns promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • We have expanded income generation opportunities for women’s groups.



Social Transformation through Obuntubulamu
We work towards culturally rich and vibrant communities where celebrating our culture is the desirable standard across all families. We thus intend to achieve a critical mass of people espousing positive aspects of culture such as the spirit of communal responsibility, volunteerism, honesty, industriousness and integrity.
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Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture
We shall support the adoption of solutions which combine both traditional and modern agricultural practices along the continuum of the value chain: production, processing, storage and marketing. We shall encourage each household to have a banana plantation [Olusuku lwa Nnabagereka] and a backyard/kitchen vegetable garden producing for consumption as well as for the market. Land for agriculture is of fundamental interest to us and we shall conduct a campaign aimed at securing women’s land rights and improving efficiency of utilisation through engaging of traditional justice mechanisms and institutions while maintaining strategic partnerships and dialogue with the key government ministries and departments of Land, Agriculture and Gender.
Cultural Voice
We shall employ grassroots and grasstops advocacy campaigns to engage policy and underscore the significance of cultural voice. We shall draw on our identity [Buganda Kingdom] for social capital and work with cultural institutions and traditional leaders in Buganda to mobilise and sensitise the communities. We strive to be the voice for culture in modern Africa and shall construct a mutually beneficial agenda with cultural leaders as well as other non-state actors in Buganda, Uganda, and Africa to amplify our influence. We shall deepen collaboration with existing partners and networks in the areas of: Education, Health and Cultural Women’s Leadership.
Institutional Development and Sustainability
We aim to strengthen our operational efficiency and financial independence underpinned by effective governance and internal development. We have adopted cultural voice as the framework to guide our programming. We shall elaborate this framework so it can effectively achieve high quality and sustainable results for our beneficiaries.

Accordingly, we shall investigate the range of feasible cultural specific solutions to development. We shall copy right and patent our innovations and set up a knowledge management system including a specialist virtual library, archiving and a cultural museum.

We plan to establish NDF Chapters in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. To build up our capital assets, we plan to establish an investment arm.


Plot 20 Kampala Road, Radiant House 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 33825 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 344 669 / Fax: + 256 414 345 882 Email: info@nnabagereka.orgWebsite:

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