Post: Nile Breweries unveils Kickstart Season 4 to benefit Ugandan local farmers

Nile Breweries unveils Kickstart Season 4 to benefit Ugandan local farmers

The Nile Breweries Kick-start Season 4 winner unveiled

Showcase your farming talent” is the slogan for the Nile Breweries Kick-start competition that is gaining popularity in the Ugandan local farmers and community.

The main focus of the competition as has been for the last four installments of the competition is local subsistence farmers of sorghum and barley in Uganda.

It’s to give them a boost to grow their businesses and thrive. During the finale of season 4 of the competition that was held in Soroti District at the weekend, Ms. Budesta Adeke beat three other participants winning a tractor.

Amos Kwemboi and Francis Katenge who were first and second runners-up won ox-ploughs with varying numbers of bulls accordingly.

Speaking in disbelief, the teary Adeke promised to set up a model farm in Teso region that will benefit other farmers.

I am no longer a subsistence farmer. I am becoming a commercial farmer. I am going to set up a model farm in Teso region to boost good practices of agriculture practices for sorghum.

The fourth edition that was launched in September 2017 had four finalists competing to win US$20,000
in prizes. The finalists included; Obel Moses a sorghum farmer from Dokolo, Budesta Adeke from Kumi,
Francis Katenge, and Amos Kwemboi both barley farmers from Kween District.

Speaking at the event, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of Nile Breweries Onapito Ekomoloit said.

The assessment has been extensive. The four finalists have all exhibited strength in agribusiness, financial management and good agricultural practices.

Kickstart is a Nile Breweries farmer’s initiative geared towards promoting agri-business and commercial agriculture in Uganda.

Nile Breweries unveils Kickstart Season 4 to benefit Ugandan local farmers
Nile Breweries unveils Kickstart Season 4 to benefit Ugandan local farmers. PHOTO/Twitter

One of the judges, the CEO Wholesome Consult- Ms Ann Muhangi, hailed Budesta(the winner) for her
hard work, adherence to proper farming methods, proper record bookkeeping and financial management. These practices are one that has been encouraged to ensure a thriving business.

The other judges for this season were: Meralyn Mungereza, the Country Director of TechnoServe Uganda, Theunis Coetzee Agro Manager Nile Breweries, Charles Ocici – Executive Director, Moses Ogwal – Advocacy Director Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Ian Clarke – CEO Clarke Group and Onapito Ekomoloit.

The annual programme is intended to empower farmers to create their own jobs, a culture of entrepreneurship by promoting business awareness and material support through developing business skills – training, equipment to support the expansion of existing businesses and providing post investment support (mentoring and coaching).

Nile Breweries Limited was ecstatic about the development of the Kick-start project and posted on Twitter @NBLUganda on the 21st March 2018, and said; Our Dream is to bring people together for a better world. After five months of rigorous assessment, Budesta Adeke from Kumi district won the Nile Breweries Kickstart Season 4. Adeke beat three other participants to win a tractor. She is to set up a model farm in Kumi.

Congratulations, Adeke.

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