Blog: President of Tullow Uganda, Mr Elly Karuhanga to be among the guests of honour at the 1st Ugandan Convention in UK.

President of Tullow Uganda, Mr Elly Karuhanga to be among the guests of honour at the 1st Ugandan Convention in UK.

Mr. Mutenza the Chairman of Uganda Convention UK during his meeting with Mr Karuhanga in Kampala applauded him for his efforts at encouraging Ugandan youth to be more productive as they are the future of the nation.


Mutenza was captivated by a comment which Mr. Karuhanga made during his speech at the Youth Leader’s Conference in Munyonyo, Kampala, that “nobody deserves a place at the leadership table just because he/she is young. Nobody should invite you just because you are young. As youth, don’t allow anybody to make you travel on a low road so that they can reach a high office. Don’t allow people to approach you with nothing to offer but tribalism, regionalism etc and then ride your back to high office. Why should anyone ride on your back anyway? As someone said “a man cannot ride your back unless it’s bent.” So straighten your back. To go to high places you must have ideas. You must be idealistic and be inspired by other youth who have become billionaires because they are idealistic like the youngest billionaire is the founder of face book, Society is changed by people with a message and a method; you too can do it in Uganda”.

Mutenza pointed out that it is not only youth in Uganda that need inspiration and role modeling but even youth in the Diaspora are becoming a menace due to a lot of negative influences and now it is time to look for role models from within our communities and country to encourage those that aspires to be more objective, idealistic and exploit opportunities around them. Cultural shock and conflicts of our values with the West lifestyles has left most of our youth victims and most of them end up at the wrong side of the society.


Mr. Karuhanga agreed to be a guest at the Convention only if he does one thing, to inspire and address aspiring Ugandan youth. “In the present set-up of our new found and developing democracy there is an urgent need for the youth to unite and take charge of political affairs of the country. Youth should be utilized positively in order to make Uganda even more prosperous, positively and patriotically.

The youth have the power to present a new face of Uganda in the global market and talent to make Uganda a developed country. We must understand that a nation can only progress on young and innovative minds. It’s the duty of every Ugandan family to motivate and promote their children to come forward and develop Uganda” to quote Mr Elly Karuhanga.

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