Blog: New Investment Opportunity Gives Individuals First Access to Private Equity-Fuelled Africa Growth

New Investment Opportunity Gives Individuals First Access to Private Equity-Fuelled Africa Growth

Homestrings ( today announces the launch of an interactive web portal which provides experienced, individual investors with a means to direct their resources towards initiatives in Africa that have previously only been accessible to institutional investors. is a unique proposition inspired by the personal experience of the Guinea-raised Founder and CEO of Homestrings, Eric Vincent Guichard. Having worked at the World Bank and as CEO of a boutique asset management firm with $1 billion of institutional funds under advisory, Mr. Guichard identified a market need for the African Diaspora to be able to invest in projects in their home countries while also benefitting from the growth potential of the emerging markets. Homestrings aggregates experienced individual investors’ demand and targets access to vetted opportunities with great track records across Africa. It provides direct access to institutional private equity funds, projects and public-private partnerships that were, until now, not available to individual investors.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Vincent Guichard said, “I created Homestrings because I couldn’t find a credible vehicle in the marketplace to provide a means for individual investors – just like me – to send money to projects back home while simultaneously benefitting from Africa’s incredible growth story. There is $40 billion a year in remittances flowing from the West into Africa – and that figure is growing at 15% per year. I quickly realized that there was a great market opportunity – not just for Diaspora investors, but one with universal appeal for experienced investors to get access to rates of return of 15-20%. So I built Homestrings to open up that opportunity to individuals for the first time.”

Homestrings is an independent entity, majority owned by boutique asset management firm, Gravitas Capital. Homestrings is available to those the financial regulators designate as “Qualified Investors”. Minimum investment is £5000.

Legal assessment and Administrative and Banking due diligence is provided by Appleby Global.


For more information, please contact:
Sarah Caddy/Sara Firouzyar
Gong Communications
+44 (0)20 7935 4800

About Homestrings
Homestrings is inspired by personal experience and informed by market demand. It provides a means for the experienced individual investor to direct their resources towards investments in the Diaspora home countries, while also having access to the financial opportunities previously only available to institutional investors. is an interactive web portal which aggregates demand and targets access to vetted opportunities investing in emerging market projects. For more information please see

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