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The Nnabagereka(Queen) of Buganda Kingdom

The Nnabagereka’s office at Bulange-Mengo, works closely with other institutions and non-governmental organizations, sensitizing and raising awareness to the advantages of educating girls, as well as giving various forms of support and assistance.

Education of the girl child is an important project that the Queen is dedicated to.Her activities include stressing to mothers, teachers, women, youth, community and cultural leaders, the value of the girl child’s education.

The Nnabagereka is very cautious about the cultural values that make a good mother or woman in Buganda, but stresses that these should be handled in such a way that girls are.

The Private Secretary to the Nnabagereka

Bulange Mengo
P.O Box 58, Kampala Uganda

+256-312-26 2672
Fax:     +256-312-26 2673

Email:     nnabagereka.office@gmail.com

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