Post: Why You Must Attend the 8th Uganda UK Investment Convention 2018

Why You Must Attend the 8th Uganda UK Investment Convention 2018

Reason Why You Cannot Miss Uganda UK Investment Convention 2018 – The question you should ask yourself is this, “Do I want to be a part of changing my country or am I content with mediocrity?” We, as a nation, have a plethora of brilliant minds with the right business acumen to make decisions that shoot our personal finances through the roof.

What happens if you have that plethora of the most brilliant business minds from different corners of the globe in one room? What happens when those minds are given a platform to exchange views and expectations for Uganda’s financial future? I know what you are thinking and you are right.

Why not put those minds to work and help Uganda soar? The Uganda UK Investment Convention provides that platform through an annual convention.

This event always proves one thing each year. It proves that there is a possibility of utilizing expert business skills to not only benefit an individual but also make the country grow financially. This year’s UCUK theme is “Achieving Finance stability and Growth”.

The convention is expected to pour in a large number of exporters and importers from Uganda, United Kingdom and mainland Europe industry players from diversity sectors. It will be held on 15th September 2018 at the Troxy
in London.

Over the years, the convention has brought in many high profile speakers including Ian Clarke, Rt. Hon.
Kadaga, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and other government officials from Uganda and the UK giving their on topics like priority sector opportunities, choosing the best sectors and time to get into the investment game and Uganda’s agricultural potential.

Each year, this one-day event themed “Partnership for Wealth Creation” pulls in over 1000 of the most relevant influencers and game changers in the world of business from Uganda, the UK and international traders.

This forum also sees attendance from professionals and representatives from prominent organizations.

Uganda UK Convention is back

Your excitement is warranted. The skill and expertise gathered at this event are enough to tickle and excite your brain juices and get them flowing.

This is essentially a good thing because you will put that brain juice to good use on this year’s convention discussions topics like key FDI to Uganda, UK Exports, and boosting imports from Uganda and business, and flagship bankable projects in priority sectors like Natural resources, Tourism, Agribusiness, Health, etc.

No convention is complete without entertainment. There will be nothing better than the convention after party which will be graced with performances from the legendary band, Afrigo band.

This will most definitely be your opportunity to network with some of the greatest business leaders, African and UK professionals and develop partnerships with potential business partners both in Uganda and in the UK.

Do not be that individual that is provided with a large umbrella and chooses to close his business for that day on account of light rains in the morning. Such a decision might be made by one who is content with mediocrity.

This UCUK forum is the umbrella that will help the Ugandan Diaspora navigate the changing world while striving for wealth creation and financial growth for Uganda. The choice is upon you to show up for the convention and use that umbrella.

In the end, the question you should ask yourself is this, “Do I want to be a part of changing my  country?” If your answer is yes, this convention is for you.

To attend the event this year, register for the 8th Uganda UK Investment Convention at Event Brite and get your ticket now.

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