Mr. Robin Odong, the true potential of Ugandans in the Diaspora

Successful people are inspiring. Through their example, they encourage others to aspire to greater achievements; they fuel the belief that success can be theirs too. They set the marker for others to explore and realise their own potential.


One such successful person in the Ugandan Diaspora in the UK is Mr Robin Odong. Mr Odong founded the very successful Delta Nursing Agency in London some 20 years ago. The agency that also has branches in the USA, supplies qualified medical staff to a broad range of institutions, both private and public such as the NHS, Her Majesty’s prison services and also care homes. It is undeniable that Mr Odong has created a very thriving business, benefitting many people who work for the agency, and of course those who are the beneficiaries of the services delivered.


Mr Odong is also the founder and director of two hospitals in Uganda, the Gulu Independent Hospital and the more recent Kampala Independent Hospital. Both hospitals boast the most modern equipment and medical care that Uganda can provide.


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When we talk about the Diaspora investing back home, it does not preclude that investments cannot be made in the UK as well. The advantage of starting a project in the UK is that it can benefit from a range of business support that may be less readily available in Africa. And once such a business takes off the ground and becomes successful, an expansion to the motherland could be considered, and would have a higher chance of succeeding as well.


Ugandans in the Diaspora have a broad array of skills, expertise and experience under their belts. Transforming these into an income and employment generating business in the UK can have far reaching benefits, not only monetary, but also in the development of human potential. And being a member of the Diaspora has the added advantage of directly influencing and inspiring other Diasporans to strike out on their own and develop their own visions and aspirations. Of course, this will not be the route that everyone wishes to take, but for those who want to expand their professional development, want to fulfil their aspirations, work for themselves, create financial independence and job opportunities for others, then investing in their visions and realising them in the UK is a fantastic option too.


After all, supporting the development of Uganda will be hugely facilitated if Diasporans also create wealth where they are currently living, with a view to invest in other projects back home once success is established. Either way, everyone is a winner. Mr Odong is a prime example of such a great combination of businesses spanning two or more continents that benefit a great many people in every country where his businesses are established.


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