Blog: Mr Habib Migadde, representative of the Ugandan Embassy in South Sudan

Mr Habib Migadde, representative of the Ugandan Embassy in South Sudan

Mr Habib Migadde, representative of the Ugandan Embassy in South Sudan and MD of Mihasesu International. He talked about opportunities in the South Sudan and the benefits that can be derived from doing so, such as increased export earnings, increased remittances from Ugandans and South Sudanese, increased employment opportunities and peace and stability. The main sectors mentioned were mining, fisheries, agriculture, education, health, construction, transport, ICT, tourism, banking and renewable energy.

For more inquiries please contact Uganda Embassy, Juba-South Sudan.
TeL: +249955503330


Abstract from the PowerPoint presentation


General Information about South Sudan

  • ·         Official name: Government of South Sudan
  • ·         Total Area : 644.329.38Km2
  • ·         Capital city : Juba
  • ·         Nature of City dwellers: Cosmopolitan
  • ·         Composition: Ten States
  • ·         Boarders: Seven Countries
  • ·         Currency: South Sudan  pound(SSP)
  • ·         Value of Currency: 1SSP=850 Ug. shillings
  • ·         Population: est; 8.960.490
  • ·         Languages: English  and Juba Arabic
  • ·         Return on Investments: Relatively High


South Sudan is Our Number One Market In The World

  • ·         Uganda earns over 250 million USD from formal and  140 Million USD  informal trade In South Sudan as annual figures
  • ·         South Sudan and Uganda share a great historical relationship.
  • ·         Signed Agreement Between Uganda and South Sudan- Feb 2006
  • ·         Signed MoU on Trade and other trade related areas of Cooperation-2010.
  • ·         GoSS launched a Private Sector Development Program


Progress Made Since CPA

  • ·         CPA 2005
  • ·         Successful Parliamentary and presidential Elections 2010
  • ·         Successful Referendum 2011
  • ·         Improved security situation
  • ·         Waiting for independence on 9th July 2011
  • ·         The Security situation has greatly improved in South Sudan
  • ·         Reforms and streamlining of procedures to starting and doing business
  • ·         Reform of GoSS institutions to offer efficient and transparent services
  • ·         Established laws in line with good international practice that govern private sector development
  • ·         Established  the  Ministry of Investments
  • ·         They established the Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture.


Adopted Positive Economic Policy

  • ·         Free Market economy
  • ·         Private Sector Driven development
  • ·         Promotion of public-private partnerships
  • ·         Development and strengthening of SMEs
  • ·         Promotion of Foreign and domestic  Investments.

South Sudan Investment Promotion Act 2009

  • ·         Repatriation of Capital, profits and dividends
  • ·         Guarantees against expropriation
  • ·         Non-Discrimination-Both local and foreign investors can own and operate business in any sector of the economy
  • ·         Special incentives on application to the Board of investments
  • ·         Access to public information
  • ·         Protection of intellectual property rights-trade Marks, copyrights and patents
  • ·         Dispute resolution


Tax and Concession Incentives in South Sudan

  • ·         Exemptions and concessions on machinery and equipment, capital and net profits
  • ·         Exemptions on agricultural imports-tools, equipment, machinery, pharmaceutical, animal feeds, seeds for boosting food and cash crop production
  • ·         Land can be provided by Government and Local authorities  for investment in priority sectors like  General investments in agriculture other than forestry and paper wood- not exceeding 30 year for foreign investors, forestry plantation-exceed 60 years subject to renewal by mutual consent, quarrying and mining-lifespan of the quarry and the mine.
  • ·         The Investors are allowed to employ foreign managers
  • ·         The Investors are entitled to entry, work permits etc


Investment Opportunities In South Sudan

  • ·         Government Of South Sudan Priority And Strategic Sectors For Investment: 
  • ·         Fisheries Sector
  • ·         Agricultural Sector
  • ·         Education Sector
  • ·         Consultancy
  • ·         Agricultural Related Consultancy
  • ·         Health Sector
  • ·         Construction Sector
  • ·         Transport And Infrastructural Sector
  • ·         Tourism Sector
  • ·         Banking Sector
  • ·         Renewable Energy 



  • ·         Information distortion and un fair reports
  • ·         Poor roads though improving
  • ·         Poor Electricity Supply
  • ·         Problems with Conversion of Currencies.
  • ·         Multiple taxation
  • ·         Lack of storage facilities
  • ·         Criminal related activities starting from the source to the market points.
  • ·         Limited access to information on investment related issues in South Sudan


Advantages of Trading with South Sudan.

  • ·         Historical relationship-Uganda’s historical involvement in the  liberation of South Sudan.
  • ·         Proximity-Uganda is closer to South Sudan than other neighbours ,sharing borders and culture.
  • ·         The market has no tarrif escalations/cascading tarrifs, techinical barriers to trade, sanitary and phystosanitary measures .
  • ·         Availability of  both air and road transport
  • ·         Higher returns on investments.
  • ·         Comparative advantage in agro produce and other related services.


Uganda’s Benefits From Trade With South Sudan

  • ·         Increased export earnings.
  • ·         Increased Remittances from Ugandans and South Sudanese 
  • ·         Enhanced Cooperation
  • ·         Increased employment opportunities
  • ·         Peace and Stability


  • ·         There is need for full operationalisation of the Bilateral Agreement and a Comprehensive investment strategy.
  • ·         There is need for export facilitation(export subsidies, Credit/loans to exporters, credit Guarantees etc)
  • ·         There is urgent need for orientation and sensitization of Ugandans about South Sudan.
  • ·         The access road of Gulu-Bibia has to be urgently work on to reduce on the cost of trade.
  • ·         Organised trade endeavours by both traders and Government.
  • ·         Information sharing and dissemination
  • ·         Ug. Government needs to lobby for more attractive packages for Ugandan Traders.



It is important to note that there is need for  a well thought Public and the private sector Comprehensive investment strategy in order to effectively exploit the enormous investment opportunities in South Sudan.

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