Blog: Mr Eversto Kayondo, Chairman, Kampala Traders Association (KACITA)

Mr Eversto Kayondo, Chairman, Kampala Traders Association (KACITA)

Mr Kayondo pointed out that Uganda’s economy was liberalised and people could invest and own 100% of the enterprise. Also security enjoyed in Uganda was a key element for any country. He advised investors to take advantage of the strategic location of Uganda which was land locked. He also pointed out the single customs territory introduced which meant that one single customs bond was needed to transit goods from Mombasa up-to Kampala and could use one clearing agent.


KACITA could help people in the Diaspora to lobby and articulate issues and problems encountered in Uganda. It also had desk which was used to mediate trivial matters between business people in Kampala to solve issues amicably.  This also included an advisory body that helped in advising on investment, on tax matters and a free service to members.  There was also a representative in Mombasa to help advise on goods transiting to Uganda.


KACITA also sits on a number of committees that could influence policies.

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