Blog: Meeting Uganda’s Singles at the Convention

Meeting Uganda’s Singles at the Convention

The modern single person has a very busy life and it can be quite difficult finding time to get a partner.  At Magenta we know that sometimes approaching someone you do not know isn't easy especially if this person is someone that you hope to have a relationship with; therefore, we ensure that our events are friendly oriented.

Whether you choose our matchmaking service where a special relationship with our consultants is built before your compatible matches are arranged; or prefer to meet other singles face to face on a 3-minute speed dating event, the choice is yours. We have singles ladies that wish to socially group up together before attending other singles events, and singles that wish to just network socially.

We do Christian events for singles that wish to meet singles of the same faith; and singles that wish to go on double-dates with their friends.  Whatever the event, Magenta aims to provide a social and fun way to meet and mingle.

MATCHMAKING:  Magenta Matchmaking Service is provided to singles that are looking for commitment in their relationship.  We ask that you provide us with your profile and that of the person that you wish to have a relationship with.  A member of our dedicated team builds a special relationship with our members; examines their profiles based on lifestyle, background, personality, etc in order to help them find compatible matches.  As looking for the right person can be time consuming and/or frustrating, our matchmaking team spends the time searching so they don’t have to.

SINGLES NIGHT:  Magenta Singles Nights take place in careful selected venues with DJs playing fantastic music.  Various ice-breaking games such as lock & key are sometimes part of the activities organised for the evening; and speed-dating, a brilliant way to meet people at the party in a series of fun, three minute dates; for those that wish to participate. All of the activities are designed to help participants mingle and get to know each other well.  

CHRISTIANS INTRODUCTION:  Magenta organises Christian events for singles that are ready to find that perfect partner. When your religion is important to you, it helps to be connected to a network of other like-minded singles. At our Christian Introductions you will meet other people who share your beliefs and convictions, with whom you can connect emotionally, spiritually and affectionately. It's true that you can find those that closely match your level of involvement in the church, however, to expand the horizon, our events aim to connect you to other single Christians that share your commitment to Christ that belong to other churches as well.

SINGLES SOCIAL NETWORK:  Magenta Singles Social Network is a social group that promotes social interaction through activities such as house parties, discussion groups, dining out, dances, to name but a few. Every event gives members the opportunity to meet other single people and expand their social network. It's through our events that members will have the chance to interact in a meaningful way with everyone in order to find both friendships and relationships!

SPEED DATING:  Magenta Speed Dating events are organised for singles that wish to meet other singles face to face.  In one evening, participants meet in brief usually 3 minutes, on one-to-one conversation.
This brief meeting is just long enough to establish if they would like to see each other again; and not too long if they don't!  Whether our members are looking for relationship or new friends, Magenta Speed Dating is a social and fun way to meet other singles in a relaxed environment.

DOUBLE DATING:  Magenta Double-Date events are organised for singles with friends of different gender but for reasons known to them, they would not date them.  The two could either be of the same or different gender. For instance, two lady friends could register together or a lady and a guy. This is not to be mistaken for two couples that are already in a relationship. The events are purely for single people. Our double-date events are a great way for singles to get to know each other better, simply because the presence of a friend brings confidence in oneself.

LADIES NIGHTS:  Magenta Ladies Night is a social group comprised of all single ladies that want to go out and have fun.  We run a variety of social events for ladies of all ages and backgrounds.  The group promotes social interaction through activities such as house parties, dining out, boat rides, night clubbing, and other social outings/activities.    As we go out and try various activities in all sorts of venues, our members get the full potential to interact with each other in a meaningful way, thus expanding their social network and building long lasting friendship.



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  • Surely this is a very good venture.May the lord bless you for such an idea!For it will help most of the young christian singles who neeed to settle but are finding it had to link up.

    How can one participate in the Ugandan Uk Confrence?

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