This profile envisages the setting up of a plant for the production of Herbal bath soap with a capacity of 200kg per day. The herbal bath soap is a kind of soap that contains natural ingredients like the essential oils from aloe vera, patchouli, citronella, rose and sampaguita.

Production Procedure/Process

  1. Measure and weigh the ingredients as specified.
  2. To make 36°Be lye solution, mix well 2 1/2 liters of water with 1 kg of caustic soda.
  3. Measure 360 ml lye solution and mix with 590 ml of the oil using an electric mixer. Blend the oil-lye mixture very well until creamy.
  4. While mixing continuously, prepare the coloring for the soap. In separate containers, dissolve a few drops of oil with a little of the blue and yellow coloring powder. Use separate sticks for stirring each color.
  5. Mix together the dissolved blue and yellow coloring powder in one container. Estimate the amount of each color to produce an olive green color. Set aside.
  6. Go back to the oil-lye mixture in the mixer and test its consistency by using a chopstick or bamboo stick.
  7. When the oil-lye mixture is already creamy, add the aloe vera essence and spring fragrance. Next, add the remaining additives – CDEA, sodium silicate and sodium benzoate.
  8. While mixing continuously, add the prepared olive green color.
  9. Transfer the mixture to the molds. Distribute the soap mixture evenly
  10. Allow the soap to harden for 2-4 hours. When the soap hardens, slice it by using a piece of string.

Capital Investment Requirements

The total Capital Investment cost to start this project including year one’s operating costs is estimated at USD 253,780.

Market Analysis:

The demand for herbal soap is widely spread all over the Country although it may also be exported.

Project Costs:

  1. Capital Investment Requirements in US$
  2. Production and Operating Costs in US$
Capital Investment Item Units Qty @$ Amount $
Electric Mixer No. 1 300 300
Pails No. 2 20 40
Bamboo Stick No. 1 20 20
Soap molds No. 5 50 250
Strings Meters 20 1 20
Measuring Cups No. 2 5 10
Blender No. 1 15 15
Weighing Scale No. 1 50 50
Delivery Van No. 1 6,000 6000
Total Amount 6,705

(a) Direct Materials, Supplies & Costs

Item Units @ Qty/ day Prod. Cost/ day Prod. Cost/ month Prod. Cost/ Year
Direct Costs
Caustic Soda Kgs 0.18 50 9 234 2,808
Coloring Powder Kgs 4 5 20 520 6,240


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