Fruit cheese is a fruit based confectionery containing fruit pulp and cheese, with a high shelf life. Since its taste, and nutritional values are cherished by both the rural and urban population it has a high demand.

The investment cost required for setting a fruit cheese making plant is US$ 3295 yielding estimated revenue of US$ 49,920 annually with production capacity of 31, 200kgs per year. This project is expected to yield a net profit of 53% in a payback period of seven months.

Capital investment Requirement in US $

Item Units Qty Cost Total
Pulpier No 2 750 1,500
LPG pressure & gas cylinder No 1 620 620
Refractometer No 1 200 200
Weighing balance No 2 300 600
Cutters &knives No 1 75 75
Packing machine No 1 200 200
Trays No 10 10 100
TC of Machinery & Tools 3,295

Production and Operating costs in US$Direct materials, supplies and costs

Cost Item Units @ Qty/ day Pdn cost/ day Pdn cost/ mth Pdn cost/yr
Direct Costs
Fruits Kgms 0.24 32 7.68 199.7 2,396
Sugar Kgms 1.3 3 3.9 101.4 1,217
Butter hydrogenated fat Kgms 3 10 30 780 9,360
Salt Kgms 0.4 0.3 0.12 3.12 37
Colour / flavour Kgms 2.59 0.16 0.4 10.7744 129
Packaging film Pkts 2.3 3 6.9 179.4 2,153
Sub-total 49 1274 15,292
Fruit cheese can be made from any ripe fruit such as: mango, guava, jackfruit and bananas.
The fruit is peeled, cored and pulped.
Sugar along with butter, salt, colour is added and cooked into a thick mass
It is then poured on greased trays and spread.
The mixture is cooled and cut into suitable sizes, wrapped in polythene films and released to the market.
Labour 350 4,200
Selling & distribution 100 1,200
Utilities (Water, power) 75 900
Rent 50 600
Miscellaneous expenses 25 300
Depreciation 69 828
Sub-total 669 8,028
Total Operating Costs 1943 23,320

1. Production costs assume 312 days per year with daily capacity of 100 Kgs.

Project product cost and Price Structure

Item Qty/ day Qty/yr ($) Unit cost Pdn cost/yr Unit price Total rev($)
Fruit Cheese 100 31,200 0.7 23,320 1.61 49,920

Profitability Analysis in US $

Profitability Item Per day Per month Per year
Revenue 160 4,160 49,920
Less: Production and operating costs 747 1943 23,320
Profit 86 2,217 26,600

Source of Equipment and Materials:

Imported from China and India, but some of the equipment can be fabricated from within by any of the following companies. Tonet Ltd, Kanyanya, Gayaza Rd, Tree Shade Ltd, Mwanga II Rd Kisenyi Kampala and John Lugendo & co Ltd Ndeeba Masaka Rd email Fruits and cheese are available from Luweero, Soroti Mukono, Mbarara, and Masindi all year round.


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