Post: Lord Sheikh will address Ugandans at the Ugandan UK Convention on 27th August at the Troxy Arena

Lord Sheikh will address Ugandans at the Ugandan UK Convention on 27th August at the Troxy Arena

Lord Sheikh will speak about himself and how he managed to achieve success in business as well as in the political field and also touch upon the work he does for the community and his charitable work. Although Lord Sheikh spent his childhood and part of his adult life in Uganda, he is indeed very partial to Uganda having visited the country just over a year ago.

The role of any diaspora is very important and quite often the diaspora in a foreign country have done well and they should contribute towards improving the conditions and circumstances of their mother country.

About Lord Sheikh

Mohamed was born in Kenya and brought up in Uganda. His parents originated from the sub-continent of India. Mohamed attended Government schools in Mbale (Uganda) where he attained the Cambridge Higher School Certificate.

On arrival in the United Kingdom, he started his insurance career by joining the Sun Alliance Insurance Company in London. He attended the City of London College and Holborn College where he completed the Associateship of The Chartered Insurance Institute and subsequently passed the Fellowship of The Chartered Insurance Institute. Later he also attained the Financial Planning Certificate.

Lord Sheikh is now the Chairman and Director of Iqra Ethical plc (Islamic and ethical insurances & financial services) and Macmillan Sheikh plc (Conventional insurances & financial services) which have offices in Westminster, London. In addition he is the Chairman of two property companies.

Mohamed used to be the Chairman and Chief Executive of Camberford Law plc. The company has offices in Bromley as well as in The Royal Exchange in the City of London and writes insurance business nationwide. Under his leadership over a period of three years Camberford Law plc were the winners, or highly recommended, on 13 insurance awards, including the three most prestigious awards in the insurance industry.

Lord Sheikh has also been honoured by the presentation of several personal awards which have been given to him for his achievements, leadership, business success and humanitarian work.

Mohamed has been the President of the Insurance Institute of Croydon and a member of the National Council of the Chartered Insurance Institute. He was Regional Chairman of the British Insurance Brokers Association on two separate occasions and was a Director of the main board of the Association for four years. He has also held senior positions in other financial and insurance organisations.

For a period of 12 years Mohamed was a visiting lecturer at various colleges and polytechnics and in addition to lecturing he has also written educational material. He belongs to three Livery companies and is in fact a Freeman of the City of London. He has written extensively on insurance subjects in various publications and he speaks at numerous meetings and conferences on business as well as leadership matters. Mohamed is now actively involved in promoting Islamic Finance in the United Kingdom and globally.

In view of Lord Sheikh’s longstanding connection with the City of London, he took the full title of Baron Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London when he was appointed to the House of Lords.

He has founded and funds a registered charity, the charity amongst other things recognizes and rewards the attainment of young people who are the rising stars and hopefully will be the future leaders.

Mohamed is Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum and also the Chairman of the Conservative Ethnic Diversity Council. He became a life peer in 2006. He also holds the following positions in Parliamentary groups;

  1. A Vice Chairman of Conservative Parliamentary Friends of Pakistan,
  2. A Vice Chairman of Britain-Bangladesh All-Party Parliamentary Group
  3. Member of Executive of Conservative Parliamentary Friends of India
  4. A Vice-Chairman of All-Party Parliamentary Group of Saudi Arabia
  5. A Vice-Chairman of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Central Asia
  6. A Vice-Chairman of Associate Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance.

Mohamed is an active Peer and speaks regularly in the House of Lords on a variety of subjects and his speeches and questions are on this website.

He was brought up in a multi faith and multi cultural society and is able to speak six languages, including several African and Asian.

Mohamed is married to Shaida and receives considerable support from her in his social, charitable and political work. Shaida in fact manages Mohamed’s Parliamentary office and accompanies him to a number of events.

Mohamed has his own Coat of Arms which was designed by the College of Arms. It signifies the importance of education and conveys the message that Islam is a religion of peace. His coat of arms is shown on the homepage of this websitem

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