Post: Ida Horner Let Them Help Themselves Out Of Poverty

Ida Horner Let Them Help Themselves Out Of Poverty

Founded by Ida Horner of Ethnic Supplies, Let Them Help Themselves Out of poverty is a UK registered charity specializing in community development and regeneration. Our current work is in Ruhanga SW Uganda, where have installed a brand new school providing free education and school meals to 400 children, ensured that girls remain in school by providing a girls only latrine and installed 20 taps that provide piped water across 3 village cells. This year our focus is on the health of the community and work is under way to install a health centre.


The reason we got started was to address worklessness in the village to stem rural to urban migration and having addressed the gaps in social services we now need to turn our attention to job creation.


In a village without factories nor formal employment the jobs will have to created from scratch, and some of the ideas we have include a village bakery (cost £5000), a fruit and veg market (cost £150,000), a car and bicycle repair services (cost £7000).  Naturally we need your help to make this happen.  Our email address for paypal donations is and details about our work are at


Ida Horner
Managing Director
Ethnic Supplies Ltd
Telephone: 077 8070 3869
Please support:

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