Post: Mr. Kyewalabye-Male David on Opportunities in Buganda Kingdom at the 2013 Convention

Mr. Kyewalabye-Male David on Opportunities in Buganda Kingdom at the 2013 Convention

Investment Opportunities within Buganda region: Specific discussion on equity investment shared model,  opportunities in real estate, un-tapped potential in mineral rock deposits, agricultural land leasing, leasing prime land in Kampala and land acquisition & title issues.

I take this opportunity to present to you the investment opportunities in Buganda Kingdom. Buganda Kingdom  is within Uganda. It is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day Uganda, comprising all of Uganda’s Central Region, with an estimated population of 10 million people as a single tribe. Buganda Land Board manages 350sqm of Kabaka’s (King of Buganda) land and buildings spread all over the Kingdom through promoting regularization of tenancy.

The land board’s mandate has now been extended to include the recently returned square miles of land that government recently returned to the kingdom.

The  kingdom categorizes investments  into two;

  • Direct Kingdom Investments
  • Foreign direct investments which we look at under varying models e.g partnerships, PPP’s.

Priority Opportunities

  • Real Estate Development
  • Agriculture
  • Stone Quarrying
  • Tourism potential

Real Estate Development
A few prime plots of land ranging from ½ – 4acres exist within a Road distance of approximately 3-7 Kilometers to the Central Business District. These are located within squatter settlements and are not totally vacant. However existing tenants can either be compensated/relocated or incorporated in the development under the PPP Model. Land for a mass housing project in Buswa-Wakiso District: this project would fill a gap in the housing sector.  According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda has a housing deficit of 550,000 units. About 160,000 units of this backlog are in urban areas. Kampala alone has a housing deficit of 100,000 units.

Prime plots: a few prime plots of land ranging from ½ – 4 acres are available around Katwe and Mengo. These plots are not totally vacant but the tenants can either be compensated or incorporated in the development.

There is vast land available for agricultural purposes in Kyaggwe. This land however is not totally vacant. There are a few tenants with scattered temporally and semi permanent developments who can be compensated or incorporated in the development. Land for agriculture: Located  at Nanga- Kiwafu in Kimenyedde/Nagojje Sub Counties, 21Kilometre off Jinja High from  Namataba.
Approximately 30sqm

Stone Quarrying
Huge deposits of quality granite stone outcrops which can be used
for making hard core granite tiles, fabrication of kitchen/table counter tops, tombstones, bathroom vanity tops, Jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds, stone aggregate for road construction and reinforcing buildings.

Tourism potential
The Kingdom is endowed with a rich cultural heritage located in various areas in the Central Business District.

Modernising the Kabaka Lake, the lake is located in Uganda’s capital Kampala, a few kilometers from the city center, it was established by King Mwanga II (1884-1888). To date it is one of the only two excavated lakes in East Africa and one of the biggest of this kind in Africa.

Once again I thank Mr. Mutenza for inviting us and assuring us that there will be no partisan politics discussed in the forum, we are happy and we hope it continues that way.


For more information or the full presentation:
Nakayenga Daniella
Innovative Products Manager
Buganda Land Board

Chief Executive Officer
Buganda Investments and Commercial Undertakings Limited
Mob: +256 759 708 095

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