Blog: Kyambadde cautions kyeyos against politics

Kyambadde cautions kyeyos against politics

By Abou Kisige and Jeff Lule

Migrant workers should stop politicking and concentrate on their jobs, trade and industry minister Amelia Kyambadde has advised.

“Forget about your political differences because you are not going as NRM, FDC, DP or Conservative Party members. You are going as Ugandans. So, remain as one person and concentrate on your work for economic transformation,” Kyambadde said.

She made the remarks while handing over visas and work permits to over 170 youth, who were going to work in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The youth will be working under the G4S Group, a security company in the Emirates. They were recruited by JAG Security Group, a labour export firm in Kampala.

Kyambadde warned that politicking could only lead to divisionism and disunity, which may tarnish the country’s image and “affect your contracts negatively.”

She advised the youth to be patriotic by equipping themselves with basic information about Uganda because “these jobs give you another opportunity to market your country.”

“Carry the Uganda flag and the Cranes jersey. You should also be knowing the location of Uganda, its population or size, among other basic information,” Kyambadde advised.

She warned the youth against joining wrong groups, saying they risked losing their jobs if they engage in criminal activities.

“You should remain dedicated. Do what has taken you there. Portray us as a country of law abiding citizens not as law breakers,” Kyambadde counselled.

Andrew Kameraho, the JAG Security Group chairman, said there were more opportunities in the Emirates, which able, qualified and agile youth could take advantage of. He explained that the youth would be working as aircraft cleaners, off-loaders and security guards.

He advised them to save the money they will earn, noting that Ugandans were hardworking people, with better communication skills than the people from other countries.

The nkuba kyeyos would be earning between $600 and $1,000 (about sh1.4m and sh2.4m) per month, with free medication, accommodation and transport to the UAE.

The recruiting company charges $1,000 for each migrant, including an air ticket, employment costs and an entry visa, Kameraho explained.

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