Post: Key Sectors for Investment in Uganda 2013

Key Sectors for Investment in Uganda 2013

  • Public Private Partnership investments in the enhancement of maize, beans and rice production for export regionally and provide for household food an security (machinery and agro inputs provision)
  • International and national bidding opportunities for the establishment and rehabilitation of irrigation schemes in partnership with the Government of Uganda
  • Cotton Processing for a fully foreign owned firm: There are only 12 private cotton seed crushing and extraction facilities in the country producing less than 20% of the edible oil consumed in Uganda. There  are only two fully integrated textiles mills that use cotton the rest is exported to Kenya, Europe and the Far East.
  • Among many private sector joint venture opportunities is the manufacture of Dairy Products with a Ugandan Firm Soroti Dairy Ltd (Total investment – US$ 2,570,000, Foreign Contribution sought US$2.2M)
  • The Government coordinated projects include the construction of up / mid market accommodation within Queen Elizabeth and other Conservation areas
  • Development and management of 20-50 bed facilities in the protected areas
  • A fully foreign owned opportunity is proposed to construct a Wildlife Forest Lodge comprising 20 spacious cottages to provide additional accommodation for mid range travelers within the Tourist Areas of Mabira and Budongo Forests, Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison national Park.
  • Private joint venture to expand the 22 acre Ssese Palm Beach Resort (SPBR) locally owned by SPBR Ltd. It is one of the beach hotels in Lutoboka Bay, Bugala Island in Lake Victoria.
  • Other opportunities include; Eco and Community Tourism facilities, and establishment of tourism and hospitality training to cater for increasing tourist visitors
  • Mining Opportunities; Commercial marble and Limestone deposits in Karamoja with prospects of either joint venture or fully foreign owned processing plant.
    • Marble & granite)
    •  Phosphates (Sukulu)
    •  Gold (Buhweju, Busia, Mubende, etc)
    •  Iron ore (Muko)
    •  Vermiculite
    •  Container glass from silica sands
    •  Petroleum (Petrochemical related Ind.)

ICT Business Opportunities

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Software development
  • Software testing & assurance
  • Data Storage area networks
  • Integrated Solution Planning
  • Hardware Assembly
  • Multimedia Development
  • Internet Applications
  • Translation Services
  • Film Industry and Graphics
  • Rural Communications

Energy Generation Opportunities

Uganda’s electricity demand is growing at 10% per year. Current peak demand is 484MW, while installed capacity is 814MW. The current firm supply is 501MW. Opportunities in Smaller Energy Projects. Various Joint Venture opportunities exists to partner with Ugandan Companies, among which is Greenwus Energy Africa Ltd for Mini hydro Plant to produce 8 MW with a total investment cost valued at US$17.5 Million in 2010


Infrastructure and Construction

Public Private Partnership Opportunities:

  • Construction of the Kampala – Jinja Expressway (75 Kms at US$850 M)
  • Construction of new standard gauge railway line from Kampala to Malaba (300 Kms at US$500 M)
  • Reconstruction (on existing alignment / right of way) of the Kampala – Kasese railway (334 Kms at US$366M)
  • Construction of new railway line from Pakwach in the North to Kasese in the South East
  • Others include the upgrading of the national airport, air strips, as well as roads and airstrips in the tourist and oil areas

Other Major Opportunities

  • Services (Health, Education, Financial Services) Uganda has 34 Universities in Uganda
  • Manufacturing, Cars, Light Bulbs, Ceramics
  • Large Scale Commercial Agriculture
  • Private Hospitals for specialised treatment (Heart Surgery, Kidney transplant, cancer treatment
  • Pharmaceuticals
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