Blog: Elizabeth Lamunu worn a FREE plot of land at the Ugandan UK Convention, 27th August

Elizabeth Lamunu worn a FREE plot of land at the Ugandan UK Convention, 27th August


Jomayi Property Consultants are among the leading if not the leading Real Estate business gurus in Uganda. That tag implies that they have a lot of influence in the Ugandan Real Estate Market. As such, they will be present at the Uganda Convention UK on August 27, where they have pledged to hand over a piece of land to one lucky winner, as determined in a raffle draw to be held during the convention.

However, that aside, Jomayi Property Consultants plan to play a bigger role in an attempt to impact on the lives of all those that will attend the convention. Dennis Mawanda, the Publicist of Jomayi Property Consultants said in an interview recently that his organisation has a host of things it does now, which, he believes, if embraced by Ugandans living in diaspora, will enable them overcome the challenges in Real Estate.

Since 2007, Jomayi has had an office in London. This was done to bring their services nearer to the people living in diaspora, many of whom reside in the United Kingdom. Mawanda said that they have now acquired a stone-quarry and have therefore delved into all out building construction.

Mawanda adds that the convention will offer Ugandans living in diaspora a chance to learn about the services they are offering now. “We provide a wide range of land opportunities at affordable rates. On top of that, we make sure that once somebody acquires a piece of land from us, we get them the land title to ascertain that it is their land.”

Trustworthy and honest service is what has made Jomayi Property Consultants a success in the Real Estate Industry. The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years because of its untainted record and Mawanda insists they intend to maintain that by hook or crook.

This brings Mawanda to say that Ugandans living in diaspora should seize the moment. Building enterprises and businesses back in Uganda would be a pragmatic move by Ugandans living in diaspora. Other than lavishly spending the money they make, Mawanda says, they should buy land whose value appreciates very fast. That land, Jomayi is ready to provide.

He continues that Jomayi also has large chunks of land in strategic areas where Ugandans living in diaspora can choose to buy for big investments. Industrialization is one of the key programs being propagated by the government in order to improve the country’s standing in world trade. The government would like to see Uganda’s balance of trade showing an increase in exports against the imports entering the country.

Mawanda says that the highlight of this is the fact that Jomayi Property Consultants has gone steps further than just simply selling you land. “We are now into full-fledged construction, which means we are now a one stop centre in as far as Real Estate is concerned. We sell you the land and help build for you whatever kind of structure you choose depending on the architectural work given to us by the buyer.”

This must be a guarantee to quality work and therefore Ugandans living in diaspora ought to take advantage of what Jomayi Property Consultants has on offer. It should be noted, however, that Jomayi Property Consultants has also made it easy for those intending to buy land, to acquire it through a payment regime, which is not strenuous to the pocket. Just be at the convention and learn how it all works out.


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