Post: Jakana Heights | Buy Your Dream Homes – Konge Hill, Kampala | Only $2,000 to secure an apartment

Jakana Heights | Buy Your Dream Homes – Konge Hill, Kampala | Only $2,000 to secure an apartment

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.” – Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Enjoy the luxuries and lifestyles the West can offer and have these at a home in Uganda. And this can be expatriates, Ugandans coming back from the West or Ugandans who wants a better standard of living.  On the top of Konge Hill with the lake below, the air is clean and fresh because we are high enough above the city.

  • Standing atop of one of Kampala’s tallest hills.
  • Spectacular Views of both the City and Lake Victoria.
  • Located minutes from the Speke Commonwealth Resort and fashionable Munyonyo district,
  • Easy access to the center of town, shopping and nightlife.
  • New highway from Munyonyo to Entebbe and Kampala will drive property prices up making this one of the best investments in the city.

The exclusive condominiums at Jakana Heights succeed on every level and at every price point. These sumptuous new homes are designed to provide an enviable lifestyle for owners and an unforgettable experience for your guests, whether business or social.

Your Opportunity:

The potential for investment returns from real estate in Kampala is well known. But accessing high quality opportunities for genuine international standards in residential construction is rare.

Increasing scarcity of high quality hilltop sites underpin values at the high end. On the demand side, both for sales and rentals, there are positive structural dynamics in strong economic growth, demographics and urbanization which will ensure continuing excess demand over the available supply.

Multinational oil companies and other corporate executives are actively seeking top grade accommodation and this need will increase over the coming years as production comes online.

Diaspora demand is already strongly indicated, as is local demand.

The rental market is probably even stronger than the market for sales. The opportunity to secure at today’s prices, a piece of scarce real estate with the potential for appreciation is clear.


For diaspora inquiries please contact —

  • United Kingdom » Tel:+44 20 7754 5540
  • United States » Tel:+1 866 910 8574
  • Uganda » Tel: +256 775 495 107
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